Blowing 900 Kisses


Just over a year ago, I began my blog.  At the time, FB friends and family were urging me to write a book, a blog, something!  I began this as a file cabinet to collect my thoughts , tuck away scraps of prose or poetry, notes for a ” someday” project.  It never occured to me that even a single person might find me, read me, follow….be possibly interested in what I may have to share, except maybe my mom. Lol

I’m sitting here today in absolute awe, overwhelmed and completely humbled.  I recently hit a new milestone, an unbelievable 900 WordPress Followers.  Today. 938 WP, 149 Twitter, 9 Email followers and I still can’t believe it!

I was unprepared for what I would find here, overwhelming support, mentoring, inspiration and true friendship.  I cherish each and every one of you and am beyond blessed.




    • Hi definitely! Welcome to blogging, it looks like you are doing a great job! One of the best ways to connect to followers is to follow others and comment! You’ll find a wonderful and supportive community here. Happy blogging.
      When I get a chance, I’ll read through your blog and choose one to share in some way with my readers. 😊


  1. I am honored to say that I have been following your blog for all of that little over a year, and have watched your follows explode before my eyes, and how that correlated with how your writing has become so beautiful, easy to read and engaging. You write in a way that leaves us hanging on word for word. You have earned that number. And I would like to state for the record that I have been pushing that book for close to a year! 💕 Congrats, I am honored to follow, but more honored to call you my friend.

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    • This has to be the most wonderful comment I’ve ever recieved! I can’t imagine I’m deserving of it but I can say that your friendship has been the best part of this journey and I am so grateful for that.. I certainly hope that I can live up to being as wonderful of a friend to you as you’ve been bv to me. 💕

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      • You already have. To be publicly acknowledged by you as one of your favorites, it of your 900 some of which are family and real close friends, blows me away, completely. You truly do inspire and your journey, of which I read a little more about with every post you write, is nothing short of feature film worthy material.

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    • That’s the perfect attitude! I didn’t begin blogging for followers. It was as stated and simply became to where I am today. Write for the love of it not for followers. I have and you will too, see your world grow, your community grow and like me, you wouldn’t trade even one of them. They aren’t simply followers. These are my mentors, my inspiration, and most importantly, they’ve, every one, my dear friends. I share my life with these people and they warmly share there’s with me. It’s a beautiful thing. 💕

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    • Hi Wendy!
      I can’t say that I have a secret….I’m pretty stunned myself, to be sure. I can only tell you what I do but at the same time, I’m convinced any success I have is totally the followers credit rather than mine. Maybe, and I think I will pose it in a soon to be post, the question we should be asking is, what makes you (the follower) follow a blog? What entices the reader?
      All I’ve done really is simply spew onto pages, whatever random thing that’s on my mind at the time, any moment I find interesting and want to remember or share ( having the attitude of) with my friends.
      I do read others daily, I like and comment and that’s important to touch base with your tribe….giving that love, encouragement, back to those nurturing me. I site them in posts when inspired by them. Do posts (and I need to more often) that promote them. So, connecting is important to success and makes you attractively accessible.
      I’m not by any stretch of the imagination, writing a “professional ” business or authoritative or informational type blog. I’m simply writing, authentically…, and finding much warmth, acceptance and embraced. 💕

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      • All great points and things to ponder. I think too, that what I write falls more into a niche category. Not everyone is going to be interested in Scotland, whereas you write about a much broader range of topics. I tip my hat to you. You write an awesome blog! 🙂

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      • Lol mine falls in the category of ” Randomness” and may appeal to those who might enjoy a runaway train and are like…” I’m riveted. I don’t know where this is going!” Lol
        But, I am certainly interested in Scotland, gave ancestry there via McGregors, Campbell’s and more and we are hope to come there in the near future. So, I love your blog! 💕 and you’re pretty smashing as well! 😊

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