Tidying Up, man-cuses & Teenage Tactics

Right in the middle of my spring parade, boom! Peels of thunder followed by a crack of lightning, brought us right back into late fall.  The pitch black skies, raged and the unholy din of frigid winds, swept all plans for getting out of the house away.

Clay settled into the livingroom and commenced to watching sports…baseball…hockey…tennis…golf… something, IDK?  So what’s a girl to do? Netflix!  The dogs and I scurried off into the bedroom for binge watching anything non-sport related.

Flipping through the lists, I discovered a show called “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo.  HUGE mistake! The next thing I knew, I was pulling drawers from the dressers and folding everything in sight into tidy little bundles! I burned an entire day of my ever shortening life refolding every item of clothing in our home into tiny squares!


I also discovered my husband is a clothing hoarder.  I already knew he had an apparent t-shirt fetish but it’s apparently worse than I suspected as it extends to socks and underwear as well.  Honestly, who on earth needs 76 pairs of socks?!?! The man throws nothing away! When we moved from Oklahoma, he did donate a lot of his rediculous graphic  T-shirt collection (that he’s since managed to replace) and still, I packed  nearly 100 of them!


The Sock Drawer

To miss Kondo’s credit, her method definately gave me so much more room to fit all his clothing, makes drawers neat and increases visibility where you can easily locate a specific item.  No more rummaging through drawers, creating a tangled mess just to find the shirt you want.


However….putting away laundry is now much more time consuming.  Sure, she makes it look easy but there’s a lot more to folding, the learning curve of a new process AND Clay says “Ummm….I don’t know how to fold these how you like it sooooo.”  Imagine that.  Sounds vaguely familiar concerning a few other menial household chores.

I’m relatively certain the kids as teenagers adopted this very tactic.  “I don’t know how to fold the towels how you like them,”  Are you kidding me right now?  They’ve watched me fold them, I’ve shown them how to fold them AND they’ve been picking up and using towels folded just like that their entire lives…they don’t know how to fold the towel?

This is eerily similar to the “replacing the toilet paper” scenario but don’t get me started.  Apparently I’m the only one in my family bright enough to figure that out too.  Considered leaving all of their college degrees in their bathrooms for backup.

Tactic #2.  Do the worst job possible.  Yep, they’d wad the towels up in a twisted mess, knowing I’d end up shaking them out and refolding.  The rationale is that I’m an efficient woman who’ll ultimately resort to just doing it myself.  This is true but the plot twist was removing all clean towels from their bathrooms.  When they come to me looking for a clean towel… “You figure out how to fold one yet?”


My son once came running frantically through the house looking for his football uniform he’d dumped in the laundry room.  Upon discovering it unwashed, to which he’d have to run laps at school, asked why I hadn’t washed it.  “I didn’t know how to do it how you like it.” I said.  #mom-venge.

Once they were grown and flew the coup, acquiring their own apartments, I’d go visit.  AAAAHHHHAAA!   It’s a friggin miracle!  Not only was toilet paper on the holder but, I kid you not, towels perfectly FOLDED!




  1. Haha, this all sounds so familiar. My husband is an almost PhD and is Mr. Fix-It and yet he can’t figure out how to put the diaper on the dog (yes, we have a dog in a diaper, lol). Mom does that better.


  2. this made me laugh all the way through. I watched that show too, and did the same thing with our drawers, and amazingly my husband can’t get it either, although he likes the setup. And the kids finding sudden enlightenment when they got their own homes – so funny Laura. thanks for the laugh.


  3. I’m holding onto the hope that my kids will turn out self-sufficient like this once they’re out on their own. I worry one might suffocate beneath mountains of unwashed clothes and the other could contract scurvy seeing as he refuses to feed himself anything real if it’s not cooked for him. 😆


    • HAHAHAHA That is too funny! Ahhhh….the life and worries of moms, but, the good news is that they all seem to grow out of it in the end….just in time to start that struggle with their own kids. Lol


  4. Smiling the whole way through this! 🙂
    That toilet paper roll thing really does boggle your mind doesn’t it! I also love the lets set the dirty dishes right on top of the counter ABOVE the dishwasher! Apparently dishwasher’s are just as complicated to load as a toilet paper roll is to put on! 🙂


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