Saturday Short: Call A Small Child

For my 50th birthday, Clay took me on a road trip west from Oklahoma to the Grand Canyon.  I had never been West as an adult.

As we drove, I watched the world shift before my eyes.  The familiar terrain changing into something I could only describe as feeling as though I had landed on an alien planet.  The lush green world transformed to a barren stone strewn  desert interrupted only by terracotta and turquoise Mesa’s.


Clay pulls over on the side of the hwy for me to take a picture.  In my head….I’m charging up this hill with my new Samsung  s8 like Ansel Adams in the wild, trying to capture a panoramic of the desert mountains.

The reality…the hill is covered in fine gravel and I’m in flip flops. I  ultimately conquer the hill only to discover I don’t know where “panoramic” is or how to use my camera!

After several moments of me hunched over my phone, I hear Clay bust out Laughing and yells from the truck “Oh Honey, I love you!”  He always says this when he gets tickled by something I’m doing.

I run back toward the truck, arms and legs flailing, trying to keep from going downhill on my fanny.  “Hurry…” I yell, “Call a small child! I don’t know how to use my phone!”
We both die laughing



  1. Your too much! 😂. I loved living in Albuquerque. The landscape. All around was only rivaled by Colorado. But even CO didn’t have those gorgeous red stone mountains that would appear out of nowhere.


      • Can we just talk about sopapillas? I move out east and I can only get them as a dessert item. What happened to them being served when you sit down with honey already on the table …. Complimentary!! And no one knows how to make Huevos Rancheros or Posole out here. I scoff at Mexican restaurants here. It’s very difficult to take the serious when they don’t even serve Green (or red) Hatch chilis


      • I get it! In the deep south of Texas where I was raised, a basket of sopapillas were always brought, complimentary, to the table after a meal. Only in NM did I find it served with chili as a bread for the dish. In most Arkansas and Oklahoma restaurants, they offer them as a dessert dish BUT it wasn’t actually a sopapilla at all! It was only a crisp fried flour tortilla doused in cinnamon sugar!
        I suspect there’s a reason why nobody, ever, bought a ” great Eastern or Northern” cookbook. Southern and Southwest are the best meals on earth!

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