To Know We’re Not Alone


“We read to know we’re not alone.”         — William Nicholson, Shadowlands


The quote above is the prompt I received.  I turn the phrase over in my head.  I speak it and love the feel of it gliding from my lips.  The notion of it is romantic bordering poetic but is it real… least for me?                                                           For me, I read to escape the anchor of ordinary life, untethered and free to explore far away continents or worlds unknown.  I am a shapeshifter, slipping into the skin of a hundred characters, living a thousand lives or a voyeur peering through the keyhole of someone else’s  dream.                                                                               But, to write…..I write to know I’m not alone or at least not to be alone. “Write what you know” is what we’re told and we do. We write ourselves, even if its our visions or dreams, we weave ourselves into the words and are found  pressed between the pages.  Every tale an invitation to take a journey with us, an offered gift and the deep abiding need to be known.


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  1. I am as you; I read to travel, to experience, to peek through the keyhole and to become the many characters who live inside the books I read. I write to find a way to express my kinship with others and to help them through my self expression.

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  2. This reminds me of my Wolves post. The blog and writing we do is nothing more than a “howling” a calling out to others who will hear us and respond.

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