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Let me stop you before we even begin…I readily acknowledge that this appears long and what I’m asking of you feels burdensome at it’s length.  But, more than that, I’m asking you to trust me.  Trust, if you will, that this is a gift I’m offering you with all of my heart.  Whether you take these in one huge gulp, read them in small sips or in nibbles over time….it is my wish for you not to miss a single one and with the belief that you will be enriched by each in a special way.

I haven’t done one of these in awhile and it’s high time I did.  Blogs & Bloggers are a way for me to not only let you know that I’m reading your posts but appreciate you and the work and care you’ve poured into it.  It’s a way too, for me to share exceptional posts, bloggers and community members with each other.

Onward to these fantastic bloggers and posts that I’d  love to share with you, my friends.

Britchy @ Bitchin In The Kitchen
Thinking Out Loud On Mothers Day

Have you met Britchy?  Omg!  If you haven’t, I am so sad for you and can’t say this strongly enough….RUN! As fast as you can to her blog!  I promise you will fall head over heels just as I have.  I love her.  I truly do from my very depths.  She’s a heart thief indeed!

As always, her wit and charm will have you in giggles but in this post, I was also in tears…weeping in grief and a heart brokenness that only the wounded know.  Yes, I laughed out loud and cried like a babe but more than that, I fell more deeply in love with the heart of this woman, her indomitable spirit, her strength and unbelievable grace.

Angel @ We Gather Life
Mother To A Miscarriage After Rape

If you haven’t,  meet Angel.  Like Britchy,  from the moment I stumbled upon her blog I knew…these are my people and knew too that they would forever be embedded in my heart.  Angel is an unbelievable writer, talented, a truly beautiful soul in the world but most rarely,  she is one of the bravest.  It takes that to lay yourself and life as open as she does, to not deflect or shelter ones vulnerability,  to be so blindingly honest and exposed…but she does.

I don’t even want to give this post to you.  I want you to read it and experience her for yourselves.   Anything short of that would feel as though I were robbing you of something more beautiful that words….someone as beautiful as this.

Parable Of The Sailboat

This post, I could write a dissertation on, filling page after page with every known word to describe,  love.  Mitch takes us on an incredible journey,  vivid and with such depth, a journey we are all much to familiar with.  A beautiful parable with lesson we all must learn.

Blooming Heather
If You See Somethong…Do Something

This is one fantastic post! Whether it’s something we need to be reminded of or a lesson that needs to be learned, it brings to light what it means to create and be a community and above all, the better version of humanity and ourselves.  And, not shirking or deflecting our personal responsibilities within it but embracing them. 💕

No Love For Fatties
I’ll Always Remember

As always, I collect a post link to a post I really enjoyed but never include my thoughts.  It’s purposeful.  That way, not only must I reread the post with fresh eyes but get to fall in love with it all over again.  I love this post but more so, it’s author.  Is it a quirk in me?  There’s is almost nothing I love more than a post where the blogger is unapologetically real….exposing themselves not in a rose colored light of fictional perfection but simply and beautifully, themselves.  With all their earnest faults, flaws, strength, weakness they give us the rare honor of truly knowing them.  I find that endearing beyond words.  The blogger is not only a fantastic writer but is the epitome of this very thing and I love her for it.

Steve Turner
Dancing the night away

Being someone who’s had an accident with permanent effects and whose husband is also experience health issues, I loved this post.  Have you ever witnessed someone elses disability or injuries and thought that you couldn’t imagine living like that?  Steve perfectly captured and shared the exact things I wish others to know and the indomitable spirit that dispite what may come or has happened, it’s not the disability or damage that defines us but rather how we embrace life with it and despite it.

As always, I ask for your personal help and you can help by sharing with me….yourself.  Introduce yourself to me,  share a post link you’ve  written or even one you’ve read that you’d like to share so I may include it and you with others.  Also, I encourage you all to nurture your blog community, show others you appreciate them, help others build and grow their blogs by adding a link to their posts to yours often.  Be a great member of your community….I promise that love comes back to you.


  1. Laura! Oh my goodness, thank you! I feel like a Queen for a day and your words blessed me so much.

    I’m going to do this exact thing and share what I’ve been reading. You rock so much.

    It’s been a while now but I just want to take a second here and say, “remember that time you told me, ‘psychopaths get cancer too’?”

    The exact moment I read those words from you was the exact moment I started to climb out of the terrible place I was. I’m always going to love you for taking the time to reach out to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Angel, you’re such a sweet spirit…loving, warm, kind. I just happened to be passing by, you seemed like you might need a friend and In the process, I became the luckiest person….just to reach out and offer a hand. I found the most precious friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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