Showing My True Shelf

I recently had th he opportunity to participate in Kim’s True Shelf Series!  I want to offer a personal Thank You for her wonderful support and support of fellow bloggers.

Show us Your True Shelf #3

This is a new segment, highlighting the darkest secrets of your blogging and reading habits for the world to see. It is also a great way to promote yourself. If you want to take part, flick me an email on nzproof [at] and let me know your blog name.

Today, I have Laura Bailey from All the Shoes I Wear on the blog. If you haven’t had a look at her site, go and check it out. She writes about all the threads of her life. I love her sense of humour, succinct writing style and support of other bloggers.

Can you describe your blog in 20 words or less?

I can describe it in one! Random! Lol I’m wildly eclectic, curious, with many interests. You never know what you’re going to get and I’m usually just as excited to find out as anyone else. The thought by behind the name “All The Shoe I Wear” had nothing to do with fashion but rather, all the different shoes we fill in life, the paths we’ve journeyed, explored and at times, the miles we travel in someone elses.

How do you measure success in a blog?

I know a lot of people are really focused on number of followers, traffic and stats but I’m just not. I blog because I want to, write what I like in the moment, so I think that the measuring stick I use to determine my blogs success is the strength and connection of my blogging community. I’m blessed to have such a phenomenal community that I’d say, Ya!, my blog is highly successful in meeting it’s purpose.

Where do you find information about blogging?

The greatest resource I’ve found is within the WP community. There’s never a shortage of fantastic writers and bloggers who are always willing to share their hints, tips and wealth of experience with you.

Who is your go-to author on a bad day?

Blog wise, I go to Proscenium, Angel @ watch your life in pictures, Dolly @ Kool Kosher Kitchen and Stewart Tutt. Book wise, David. I read the Psalms.

Which book would you love to read but haven’t got around to it yet?

I recently ordered two books. I’m truly looking forward to reading “Where The Crawdads Sing” but “The Clockmakers Daughter” arrived first and I was captivated from the very first passage.

What would make you DNF a book? (Did Not Finish)?

Long descriptive passages that neither add to the story nor propel it forward, becomes tedious and I’ll ultimately set it aside. Really, any book that feels as though I’m having to trudge through it, will end up collecting dust. A book should be enjoyed. It should flow gracefully, drawing you along for the journey.

Show us Your Shelf

Thank you, Laura. I totally agree about the WordPress community. There is a wealth of knowledge among the bloggers and they are always willing to give their opinion or advice. I particularly like the shelf of brown books at the top – some great looking reads in there!

Please let me know if you wish to take part and I’ll send a link to the Google form.

True Shelf Series #1: Taylor Wells

True Shelf Series #2: Stacy Alderman

Note: I’ve had a great response to this! Really appreciate the interest, everyone. I will get one of these posts up every few days. Please do interact and let the featured bloggers know their posts are being read, and maybe follow someone new!


  1. Hi Laura.. just to let you know that your first archive post that I have selected has just gone live.. and the other posts will go out at the same time for the next three Tuesdays. Thanks for letting me share.. I will tag you on Twitter when it is shared and hope you can drop by from time to time…


    • This is actually my first attempt at blogging so WP is my blogging home and community however, this is my copy of the participation in Kim’s “Show Your True Shelf” that she first published. Maybe she is or was a member of that community?


      • Your answers made me wonder if you had been a voxer. It was an amazingly well connected blogging community, with large meetups happening on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it’s been closed so long (2009) that I can’t recall what they did differently which caused so many of us to connect. It was great while it lasted and I still have some friends from back then.


  2. So fun – I love your bookshelf photo and I love that your posts are random as well. Makes it exciting to stop by just to see what you’re up to next! Happy Blogging to you!


  3. Wonderful! Love your shelf with wedding picture and books. My office is a conglomerate of half written phrases wildly eccentric which might look good in my novel and pictures of my husband and I from Cupcake Cache and an honor we won. I love your blog and take on life.


    • Thank you so much! Your office sounds like my kind of place! Lol My shelf is definately a reflection of my……we’ll call it eclectic nature instead of insanity. Haha. But, it’s certainly a portrait of me, from the boots I love to much to wear, Galileo thermometer, hourglass to the horses bit and basket of pottery shards and arrowheads and of course the random titles. Our wedding photo is a reminder of broken roads and renewed hope. I think a person’s bookshelf or office tells a great deal about a person and their story. 🤗💕

      Liked by 1 person

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