Found On The Farm

I randomly bought a farm once.  Never mind that I was a full stop city girl who had not only never set foot on a farm but who had never so much as knew anyone who had, save for my mom who began this same journey later in life.  The totality of my farm experience had been quite literally what I’d seen on television.  Now that I think about it, I don’t recall it appearing either fun nor easy so it begs the question, “what was I thinking”?  I would subsequently ask myself that same question repeatedly over the following 6 years.

Yep, that’s me to a capital T.  My life has been a series of random events that either happened to me or I had blindly cannonballed into.   But, I cannot say that it hasn’t held interest, adventure, calamity and a fair bit of hilarity,  along the way.



I learned A LOT. 

I learned about true community.  Making Due With A Cup Full Of Kindness


I discovered that I’m Cinderella, establishing a deep connection with a wide variety of animals and the willingness of all creatures to Express and accept love.   The Weird Things I Do.


I discovered hard work on a whole new level and you can never predict what may happen next.    Call Me Home Jesus!

Journey in Mudboots.



I learned about the cycle of life, it’s beauty, tragedy, hilarity and…grossness.

Horse Foaling for Beginners,

Wait! What?

I learned new skills and that you can always find a supporter for your crazy ideas.  The Garden


I learned that the fall in ” The pride goeth before the fall”, is really quite painful.  The Horse Came Back Alone


And I learned a lot about myself.  I learned that I am adaptable, teachable, stronger than I imagined, changable, breakable yet resilient and able to bear much with the grace to embrace life in the moment.  I have learned the value of a hard days work, the satisfaction of what you build with your own hands and the peace of rest that’s earned.


For Cee’s B&W photo challenge, Things Found On A Farm.



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