Closing The Chapter

October is here and Summer is officially filed away as a memory.  The pumpkins, mums and autumn wreaths adorn our home, sweaters unpacked and the first cool front has arrived.  The march through the holiday season has begun with Fall festivals and carrying us onward to Halloween , Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But before I close the chapter, allow me to give one final nod and hat tip to September.

Summer In The Rearview
Saying farewell to Summer and welcoming Fall.


Making Due With A Cup Full Of Kindness
Creating a sense of community in your own small corner of the world begins with simple kindness.


These Hands
Learning to love and embrace your flaws.  They are often blessings in disguise!


The Ghosts Of Morning And Hot Biscuits
Baking biscuits with my grandmothers memory.


Autumn, The Last Drops Of Summer
Wringing out the last drops of Summer as we launch into Autumns activities.


Found On The Farm
Revisiting my adventure as an ill equipped city girl gone horse Rancher, what I learned about myself through hard work, misadventure and the hilarity of it all.  Experience it with me through stories and Photography.


A Hug To Change The World
How giving and recieving  something as simple as a genuine, sincere hug  can transform, heal, bond, circumstances, hearts and us.  A hug can change the world.




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