Well This Happened…

Holy Cow! True story!
A friend of mine found a contact # for another of our childhood friends that we’d been trying to locate for some time.  She also heard that our friend was very seriously ill.  She sent the number to me so when I got back to the house that night, I wanted to call her but it was quite late so I decide to text:

“Hey sweet pea!
This is Laura (maiden name).  I’ve been looking for you for the longest time!
You know I love you right?  I’ve loved you since we were kids. I miss You, friend!
Oh FYI, I’m gonna keep texting and stuff until you touch base with me….like seriously, you’ll have to change your number to shut me up. Lol
Stalker like right?

I receive a text back:

“Well, who’s this?”
Me: Laura (maiden name)
Them: call me
Me: can I call now?
Them “Yes”

So I call, excited to talk to my long lost childhood friend…
A very upset man answered and wants to know who I am and why am I stalking his 9 yr old son!!!!


The number belonged to his 9 year old son who is now scared to death…of me! OMG!!!!
I just told this child I was going to stalk them! HAHA HAHA.  It took me 20 min. to explain this misunderstanding between bouts of hysteric laughter and apologies.

Thank goodness the gentleman was good natured and understanding when I explained everything and that it was just a wrong number.


  1. Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious. I can picture all kinds of other people who could have received your text that would be funny as well (minister, elderly man, old boyfriend). 😎


    • Hahaha
      We honestly never really read over the things we text and how it may read to a stranger. We write with the assumption that the reader is psychic and knows our expression, humor, inflection, mood….
      Many a misunderstanding has occurred for this very reason also much hilarity.


  2. Haha brave you! To share this. I hope u do find your friend. I had someone call me with wrong # he wasn’t so nice. Accused me of calling him over and over. I said sir you dialed the wrong number..he wouldnt listen so I hung up….he didnt call back haha i hope he realized and felt like a heel


    • Hahaha my daughter got a new phone from a different carrier who was to transfer her same number. I was texting her on group text with the other siblings. We went on and on. It took about 45 mins before anyone realized that a stranger was recieving the texts instead of our daughter/sister! They were just as pleasant as could be and just joined right in the conversation! Haha we’re all FB friends now! 🤣😆


  3. Oh my gosh!! Thst is too funny!!! Though I am sure I would have been so red if I had been in your shoes!! Plus having trouble apologizing because of laughing as well. 😉 Oh gosh. I really hope you can find your friend and share this experience with her!

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