Winds & Warriors

Two men embarked upon a journey, one was Wind, the other, Warrior.  After many miles, they came upon a mountain blocking their path.  The steep, craggy mountain loomed high above them, formidable, impassable but each of them said to themselves, “I will conquer this mountain.”

Wind sat down, day after day, planning how he would climb the mountain…tomorrow.  With each passing day, the mountain grew larger, steeper, harder to climb, impossible to go around.  Finally, Wind gave up and pitched his tent beneath it’s shadow, reasoning with himself why it wasn’t so bad to live where he was.

Warrior on the other hand, grabbed the stones before him, clawing and digging, day after day. At first, each stone felt heavier than the next until it was almost unbearable but warrior only grew more determined and with the weight of each stone, he grew stronger.  Stone after stone, he toppled to the ground until the mountain lay as rubble beneath his feet.

We all face mountains in our lives whether it’s our weight, health, addictions, fears, etc. only you can decide if you are Wind, who only talks about your mountain while content to live within it’s shadow or Warrior, who tears your mountains down.


“The Storm whispers to the Warrior, you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.”

My daughter the Warrior:


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  1. Or…the warrior would face the challenge, place enough explosives at the base of the mountain, and bring that bad boy down, making it easier to conquer. If you found yourself in a fair fight, you did not properly plan.


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