WWJD, What Would J-sus Do?   We’ve all seen them, many of us have had them, the WWJD bracelets, necklaces, wall plaques etc.  It’s a visible reminder, that in all we face, even the most difficult or confrontational of situations, to respond as Chr-st would.


She (Anonymous) is just a bigger, better and nicer person than I am.  Me?   I’m a hot mess.    Example:

When her daughter, having reached and achieved a certain milestone, She hosted a celebratory event at a nice restaurant.   She decorated the reserved room, made party favors, had ordered a special cake and provided an open menu & bar for all who wished to attend.

Lo and behold,  who should show up to eat and drink their fill, but a group of people who were known to have treated her very badly!  For years they had openly and publicly, disparaged her and even caused discord and frustrated the peace within her home.

As we sat together, watching these who didn’t even have the courtesy to greet or acknowledge her, feasting on the food and drinks that she was paying for….

“Well,”  She sighed,  “It leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I’m going to be nice, you know?  WWJD.  What would Jesus do?”
Me:  “Um….Tie cords into a whip, throw over their table and drive them out!!!!

The tension in her face disappeared, replaced by utter shock before hysterics overtook us. High fives! We laughed and laughed.

I’m not a good influence.
Ima go get ready for church….I probably have some explaining to do.

Keep it light, my friends.  Find the humor.  Life goes down easier with laughter.                           Always with Love – Laura


  1. Oh Laura, you gave me a good laugh to start the day! I remember a time when the disciples suggested to Jesus that maybe they should call down fire from heaven. We have our moments, don’t we! Thankfully, He is gracious and merciful and when the tables are overturned in our hearts, He is always seeking what is truthful in the depths of our souls. God bless you!

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  2. Hahaha! Love it! We all I believe have had those times where we thought exactly what you said to your friend, just haven’t had the courage to say it! LOL! I think that laugh was just the thing she needed, you are a great friend! 🙂


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