The haunted


Mid November with its beautiful weather and explosive color, brought with it a wonderlust. Where better to roam than Aux Arc (Ozark) Arkansas? Visitors come from all over the world to see its Autumn glory and happens to be the home of the Arkansas Wine Trail. Win! Win!

Because I desire to experience a place fully, and leave no stone of adventure unturned, I usually research a place to see what there is to explore. I read that Opossum Walk Cemetery in nearby Coal Hill was a haunted place so we headed in that direction.

It wasn’t as easy to find as we thought it would be.  The “town” was virtually nothing but wide open land with little else. Once in a while you’d see an old homestead but these were scattered like old bones. Coal Hill had once been a booming coal mining town in the late 1800’s but by mid-twentieth century had dried up and blew away like a tumbleweed.

At last we found the Cemetery that so many claimed to be haunted. They said the iron gates were hot, even in winter, yet there were no gates or boundaries at all and I thought to myself that it is a place that could be haunted if for no other reason than for the shameful state of it. How sad to have been forgotten here, buried beneath overgrowth and long felled trees and yes, haunted… to walk among the stones as  old as ruins,  fallen, strewn about like broken teeth and haunted by the ghost of my own distant fate.


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  1. Due to being full, with few surviving relatives, a major local cemetery (where I go to a fantastic annual historic tour) could no longer afford upkeep… not even water. The city finally took it over a few months ago and it should now be preserved for generations to come.

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    • Omgosh! That’s wonderful!
      At the time, I had thought or perhaps wondered if, in another time the community would’ve come together to care for it. But, alas, the once booming town had dried up and blew away like tumble weeds in the wind.


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