Greeting from afar

Hero: A person admired for their noble qualities.


On Feb. 18, 2002, Carl Henry Bailey, having sojourned here 74 years, folded his cape, laid it neatly upon the bed and left for home.

      Of all men who have walked the earth, only two  hold a place of the highest regard  in the heart and mind of my husband, Jesus and Carl Henry, his father.  Although I’ve never met him, I’ve come to know him well through the eyes of his son and in whose eyes he is a hero. 

    Carl was a man of quiet strength who wore the mantle of his manhood with uncommon grace even as a young boy.  While yet a child, left home alone to work, sending money home to help support his family.  As a man, he loved utterly and completely, without waiver and with equal fortitude  in both life’s joys and severest storms.  As a father, he was the kind of man that his daughter would long to find and his son would long to be. 

      Today, on the anniversary of the day that he went home, my husbands nephew sent a picture that he’d found in Carl’s bible. It was a clipping of my husband’s  Marine Corp graduation.  Carl cut the article from the paper and with his own hand, placed it in his bible to keep. To his son, it was the familiar feel of his father’s hand upon his shoulder, the whispered words, “I’m proud of you”… like recieving a postcard from home. He couldn’t speak for several minutes, while mopping the tears from his face. It meant the world to him.

    Nary a day passes that he isn’t thought or spoken of….remembered. The songs he sang while cooking breakfast on Saturday’s are sang in my kitchen too.  A bible lays open, just as his that he read each morning over coffee. His words of wisdom and sound advice are shared, and still taken. 

At times I catch my husband staring at me, smiling to himself. He says, ” My daddy sure would’ve loved you.”                                  “Perhaps he will, I know that he loves you”  I say, ” I can’t wait to meet him”


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  1. Such a beautiful and heartfelt remembrance. A Godly, loving Christian man is a great gift to his family. The gift of your father-in-law’s love echoes on. Thank you for sharing. This made me tear up for I remember my dad reading his Bible at the kitchen table every morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Melissa, thank you so much! I’m so glad it brought you the cherished memory of your own dad. Their love echos on….how beautifully put.💕
      G-d willing, I will be able to fill shoes like these and leave those echos for my own children and grandchikden.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Note to self: Don’t read these things in public…now they wonder why I’m crying. Beautiful💞💞


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