The Hours

With the upcoming Resurrection Day Celebration,  I thought I’d share with you how I mark the hours.


Through the Scriptures we find there were defined “Hours of Prayer” specifically as:
The 3rd Hour – 9 A.M.
6th Hour – 12 Noon
9th Hour – 3 PM.

These are according to how the Jewish people defined  “hours of day light” which began at 6am instead of midnight as we do.
You may remember that you’ve often read passages that mentioned these same hours and possibly didn’t understand their significance.
With “Good Friday” coming up, (Although this would’ve actually taken place on Wednesday Nissan 14 as the high Sabbath that began passover began at sunset. See scripture as to why they wanted His body before sunset) throughout this day I like to set my alarm to the “hours”.

At the 9AM ( the 3rd hour of prayer) I recall Our Lord was tried.  The sheep had scattered, abandoned by those He loved, scourged, shamed and sentenced to death by crucifixion.  At the temple the first Tamid Lamb, a perpetual sacrifice was offered.

The incense is offered in the Sanctuary and the first Tamid lamb is sacrificed as the Temple gates open [Mishnah: Tamid 3:7; Edersheim, The Temple, chapter 7, p. 108]        9-10AM
It is the time for the communal “Shacharit” (morning) prayer service (Acts 2:15) at the start of the 3rd hour. Individual morning prayer may be recited until noon (Mishnah: Berakhot 4:1A; Acts 10:9)

At noon (6th hour of prayer) He was crucified.  “My God, My God. Why hast thou forsaken me”  With this,  J-sus pronounced his fulfillment of Psalm 22. 

The second lamb (The Passover Lamb)  is brought out and tied to the altar at high noon. [Mishnah: Tamid 4:1] NOON -1PM
The Passover Lamb is given a drink from a gold cup and remains near the altar until the time of sacrifice (Ex 29:41; Mishnah: Tamid 3:4; 4:1G; Josephus, Against Apion, 2.8[105]).

As the passover lamb is tied to the alter and given a drink from a golden cup, Chr-st will be nailed to the cross, given vinegar and more, drinking from the cup He’d referenced
“My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

In the midrash, the blood of the Passover lamb symbolizes the sacrifice of Abraham’s only son. G-d remembers Abraham’s willing sacrifice when he sees the lamb’s blood on the doorposts, and in the merit of Isaac’s willing self-sacrifice, He spares the blood-marked house from death. Note: G-d provided His own sacrifice that day too..a foreshadow of Christ, the perfect lamb of G-d.

NINTH  HOUR                                                        At the 3pm ( the 9th hour of prayer), He  Declared “It is finished” and gave up His Spirit.  “It is finished.” found only in the Gospel of John, the Greek word translated “it is finished” is tetelestai, an accounting term that means “paid in full.”  When Jesus uttered those words, He was declaring the debt owed to His Father was wiped away completely and forever.  He fulfills the Passover.  Just as the blood of the lambs over the doors of the Hebrews in Egypt, that death would pass over them…. the Blood of this perfect lamb of G-d, sacrificed, covers us.  



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