Traveling with a heart packed full

Looking back at last year….

We’ve been living out of our suitcases for a week now…in our own home in preparation of the birth of our 6th grandchild, awaiting the call that labor had begun and ready to throw our bags into the car an hit the road.

Our preparations had us at a crossroad.  You have seen our dogs,  2 huge Great Danes and the sheriff,  our mini schnauzer.   When we moved to the Ozarks, we traded our truck for a tiny Mitsubishi that none of them would fit in, so….We bought a Chrysler Pacifica.  That’s right, after 5 kids and 5 grandbabies, I finally broke down and bought a mini-van….for my dogs!

Let’s be honest,  mini-vans are like the mom Jean’s of the auto world. I never felt I was ready for that just yet but to my horror, I caught myself thinking how comfortable it was…it’s really roomy…. What has happened to me?!?!

They were inducing labor in Oklahoma.  Although a week prior to his due date, he was measuring 2 weeks late and his mom is T-tiny.  We were up at 5am throwing pre-packed luggage and dogs into the van and pointing our feet toward home.

A huge line of severe thunderstorms lined our entire way from Missouri to Oklahoma yet we saw nothing but light rain and mist.  As we left Tulsa,  the radio blared the warning of tornados just behind us.  Through the night,  15 tornados hit Oklahoma…..Welcome Home!

We made it just in time as they went back to deliver our 6th grandchild, a little boy, Creedon Wayne!  One large, blended, beautiful family celebration with hearts so full, embracing this tiny life with a lifetime of every day love.


The moment a mother falls in love


A fathers first kiss


Hearts so full


Meeting PawPaw


Mimi cuddles


Welcome to the world, baby boy!

Happy First Birthday Creedy💕  Love you 14!







  1. Congratulations dear.Lots and lots of love to the adorable baby .May God bless him.with lots of happiness and good luck.


  2. Congrats!! Glad you made it safe through tornado alley. My sister was sending photos of her grandson sheltered up in the bathtub because of them.


  3. Congratulations Laura, that is one gorgeous grand baby. Give him a hug for me. Glad to read that you made it there safely too. Just got an email from some family I have in Oklahoma and my cousin said there were lots of tornadoes and warnings but everyone was okay…thank God. You have a story to share with that little guy, always funner to have a big story to go along with those birthdays.

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  4. Congrats! We traded our mini van for a car lol..haha yes minivans are like mom jeans. If need be i too would trade back for the fur babies. Our collie lab fits nicley in our back seat


    • I’m seeing the future and my life flash before my eyes! All the things I sniggered at about my grandparents are becoming my life! I’m going to have to do a pink mohawk or something to pull out of this or pull this off with any level of cool! Lol 🤣


      • Lol i miss my pink hair. When i rocked a pixie cut it was much eaiser to do (i have natural jet black hair) now its long id have to spent too much time and chemicals on it. I try not to feel “old” but then i run around in my croc shoes becaise they are “super comfy” lol


  5. Does Dad get a hospital bracelet so he doesn’t feel ‘left out’?? 😉

    Or did he faint thinking about the size of the hospital bill?? 🙂

    Congratulations Grannie. 🙂


    • Hahahaha. I’m sure the fainting will come but it’s a security measure that allows staff to know he belongs there and is staying there.
      All baby areas are high security areas. Fathers stay in the rooms with the moms. You have to pick up a phone and tell the nurse who you are there to see to be let into the secure area. It’s quite something.

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      • I’m happy for your joy and new grandson, but it is so sad to hear that the world has come to this. Hospitals, schools, places of worship needing security (and even armed guards?) to keep people out??

        I don’t think things are that bad here – yet, but maybe it is only a matter of time. 😦


      • I remember when my daughter was born in 1987, I kept her in the room with me, no nursery, because the week prior, a bv baby was stolen from that same hospital nursery. Sex trafficking and black market babies etc sound like a new thing only because we are now in the instant I formation age. They aren’t. In the past, you wouldn’t know these things were happening unless you lived in that specific town or area. Today we have the news of the world in our hands at all times.

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      • I don’t know if you heard of a cult called The Family? It was mainly based in Australia but the prime originator and her husband lived in both the UK and the US (where she was eventually arrested and extradited back here to face trial) The leader ‘Anne’ claimed she was Jesus Christ Incarnate and roped many well-educated and powerful people, lawyers, medical professionals, government members into her inner circle. The arranged for babies to be taken from ( mostly) single mothers and ‘adopted’ as her children, forged certificates and all.

        She collected and ruined the lives of over 30 Aussie kids and kept them together as one ‘family’ dressing them alike and dying their hair blonde. Horror show stuff.

        This was back in the 80’s so no, it is by no means a new thing nor one we have managed to stop.

        The difference i see though is in the now having armed guards in all these places where we never used to – at least not in my country anyway.

        I agree having access to all news in our hands 24/7 can make it seem like there is ‘more’ going on and the networks do love to give us more of the bad aspects of human kind than the good. 😦


      • Boy that’s the truth! I think this has always been to some degree an unsafe and crazy place and are only realizing our sense of security was an illusion. However, there’s a great deal of media fearmongering as well.
        We don’t, at least not here, have armed guards but get this….the clip on the babes umbilical cord, has a sensor in it and if someone without a paired sensor carries the babe by a hall sensor, it’ll shut down the whole hospital!

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      • Wow! That’s a pretty cool use of technolgy! I guess some humans can do some things right huh? 😉

        ( I know…. it’s only a very few who actually spoil things.) 😉

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      • True, but there are times when it is better to know than not know – like when scammers and con artists are in your neighbourhood. (these days they can con you in your own home from the other side of the world on-line! 😦 )

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      • This place has gone to hell in a hand basket. Thank goodness though, there is still decent, good people in it, just hanging on but…..they just dont get much media civerage


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