Anything But Boring…

How have you spent your time in quarantine? Have you spent it throwing a pity party and complaining or have you viewed it as an opportunity… to catch up on things you don’t normally have time for, explore or learn new skills and hobbies or maybe learned how to slow down, relax and enjoy your own company and your family?

In this house, we’ve been anything but bored.
We’ve found new ways to communicate with loved ones, even having family video conferences with Zoom.  In fact, we’ve actually spoken more often with our kids than usual!  Maybe… this has helped us to better see the things we take for granted in our daily lives and given us both appreciation and gratitude.

We’ve actually checked on our neighbors  more, making sure their needs were being met and helping where needed, building a stronger community.

We’ve both learned new skills and honed our old ones.  I, for the most part, cook at home anyway but have enjoyed making all our bread homemade, from crusty loaves to challah and tortillas. I’ve practiced frugality, making due with and the most of what we have and saved a fortune by not blowing money on frivolous shopping for piles of “stuff” that we don’t actually need and by reducing waste.

We spent three days bleaching and power washing a huge double wrap around deck for a contractor friend who was short on help on a job.


After tearing down the old bench seating around our own deck and building all new railing last fall, we were finally ready to paint it.

Clay also pulled all the remaining old red boards from the deck and now has completely replaced the deck floor.  He built a work bench and started building me deck chairs for the downstairs patio!

For the last few days, our project has been repainting our dock, getting rid of the old red for gray!  I’m sore in places I’ve forgotten I had! Lol

We have done spring planting and spring cleaning.  We have gone hiking and boating, binge watched Netflix, read books, played board games and had long conversations.

For us, quarantine has been anything but boring.  How have you spent yours?


    • Omgosh! That is real! If I hadn’t already had a jar in my pantry, I would’ve been out of luck. We are having difficulty finding flour, yeast, TP, cereal, meat etc. It’s Madness! At least with flour you can made quick breads, biscuits and pastas.

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  1. Your deck is gorgeous! I stain mine every year, which can be tiresome, but we use it all the time. I’ve never been much of a cook, but my wife and I have started cooking together after 30+ years.

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  2. Caught up with some great sleep as I am not commuting with one job and have more time and yet more hours at home, so more money but less anxiety at least for another month.


  3. My husband is like your husband. He fixed the back fence gate, and I helped him plant. Made keto items. Enjoyed making a herb garden after husband build me a place on the fence in the sun for them to hang. Read a few new books, and created a few new projects for husband!


  4. Love it and sounds like a lot of what we been doing, though the spring cleaning I should probably really do more of, but the other things are far more fun! LOL!


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