Of Adalie…

How quickly our littles ones grow…like wildflowers in the spring.  I am reminded how quickly the days pass with each visit of my granddaughter, Adalie, and it makes me feel so sad.

Adalie, we call her “NaNa” but should’ve called her No-No!  Lol.  She’s a hilarious character, a hot mess, ornery and sweet as honey dripping from the comb.  All of my grandchildren love their Mimi but this one not only loves me, she has bestowed upon me the accolade of being “her special person” in all the world.  The others have fallen for PawPaw’s candy bribery as infants.


I’ve been so blessed to have children who felt it important to give their children a strong sense of family.  My grands, have all their lives come to stay with us for a week to a month at a time and frequently so until they start school, then of course our visits fall to holidays and summers.  That’s when time seems to sprint away and the child who left, returns so grown.

My Life In Mudboots Moment

Busy day today preparing for the storms heading our way.  1st on my list was barn work. The stalls had to be mucked, water replaced, barn closed up, hay in the cradles and horses stalled and fed.
NaNa discovered horse apples (horse poop)  and as you can see, I had to yell NO!!!!! before she stuck it in her mouth! Not sure if she or the work kept me busier.
Discovered a turtle in one of the stalls so lifted it with the muck rake and transported out to the grass.
Horses secure, errands ran, patio storm ready, truck parked to protect from hail, dinner complete. Watching weather and ready to run for the shelter if needed. Prayers for all this night.


Adalie didn’t talk much for a long while but when she did, she called me “daddy”!  I have no idea why and try as I might, she simply refused to call me anything else for the longest time.  She’d wake up in the morning, come toddling down the hall and spying me with my coffee on the couch would light up with ethereal gladness, “Hi Dad!”.

Nothing in life is as good as a NaNa hug.  She wraps around you like an octopus, hugs with her entire being, whole body and soul.  When she releases you, you not only know you’ve been hugged but have a suspicion that something magical just happened.

Potty training was an adventure.   You know how in poker, they say a player has a tell?  It’s a certain movement or trait they display when they’re bluffing.  Adalie had a tell for going #2. She’d hide.  Going tinkle on her big girl potty went pretty well but the other….not so much.  If you caught her hiding behind the curtains, in a corner or behind the bookshelf, she was going potty #2.

One day, as I was walking down the hall, passed the open bathroom door.  Just then, I heard “Mimi, HELLLPPP me!”  I stopped mid stride and took a large step backward and peered into the bathroom to find NaNa sitting on her potty and struggling with a large bath towel.  Stepping inside, I took the towel, unfolded it and handed it back, where she then wrapped herself then potties like a big girl.  From then on, she couldn’t “go #2” unless she was wrapped up, sitting there like Yoda.  The girl likes her privacy.


“Frozen” was a fun stage.  NaNa got an Elsa princess dress that not only lit up but also played the song.  First thing in the morning, every single morning, she’d wake, toddle down the hall looking for me, take me by the hand and lead me to where it hung.  Yes, the only thing she wanted to wear.

From that moment until she was forced to remove it for bed at night, that dress and our nerves, got a workout.  That song never ceased!  But, she sang it and performed it with such melodrama that I wished it’d never end.  Every time you hear the lyric ” Here I stand…”, Adalie stomps her foot. I die laughing everytime.

Oh but the days of Princesses are so fleeting…


Too soon they toss their crowns and put their slippers away.


Once while traveling, I called home, missing my grands and asked my daughter to send me a picture.  “Hey guys, Mimi wants a picture. Can we take a picture for Mimi?”  This is what was sent…. Adalie  to a T.


Look how fast they grow!
Before you know it, they no longer fit within your arms….outgrow your hip.


But for a moment they are as wildflowers in the spring and you are blessed to be their sun.  I’m afraid I’ll blink and she’ll be grown, too old for Mimi kisses, cuddles and childhood games and although I’ll love the lady she becomes, I will miss the baby, Yoda and princess she once was.






    • Oh my gosh, Lisa! That’s such a beautiful way to put it and oh so true! 💕
      I’m over the moon with excitement . This weekend 4 of our 5 kids are coming to visit and it’ll be the first time all 7 of my grands will be together and making those lifetime cousin memories at Mimi & pawpaws!

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  1. So precious Laura. My granddaughter is named Adeline. She will turn two in November but already is quite the character. I’m hoping to spend lots of time with the Grandbabies this summer because as you say they grow up so quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I cried.

    So beautiful Laura!
    That little foot stomp, I could happily watch that over and over.

    “…the child who left, returns so grown.”

    I hope you print this out and send it to her and that the Frozen foot stomp makes it into her wedding video.


    • Thank you Angel! Omgoodness, what a precious and hilarious idea for her wedding one day! I think I’ll print it and continue adding her stages as she grows and give it to her then.
      My mother in law (ex husband) had this relationship with my daughter but when she discovered she had terminal cancer, she knew she wouldn’t be here to watch her stages so she bought a tiny pink bible with white islet lace cover and wrote the dedication to her. She made me promise to give it to her to carry down the aisle on her wedding day. She passed a year later when my daughter was 2.
      Even after we divorced after 20 years, I kept it with me and when she was grown, I fulfilled my promise and she carried it down the aisle.
      Tucked within the pages was a poem I’d written about my daughter when she was first born.

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