Did He Say Man-gina?

Since retirement Clay and I spend all our time together and as a result, we have some VERY interesting conversations. Retirement is a complete life change for a man who has spent his entire adult life working to build a career and support his family. Facing a life without those borders, assigned deadlines and commitments, where everyday is free to your own imaginings and feels like Saturday, can reap unexpected changes.

For one, he encroaches on my territory in ways that could be dangerous.

1. He tries to be my fashion advisor. Unfortunately his point of fashion focus appears to be his mother. I don’t contend with the idea that she was a fashionable woman in her time but until middle aged womens attire from 1975 becomes the new cool….I will not be wearing that pantsuit made from my grandmother’s upholstery he’s picked out!

2. Although I’m a certified Interior Decorator, he’s also taken up “decorating” our home. Let me just give you a recap of misters lawn chair and blow up furniture filled home he had when we met and stop him right there.

3. Also, I’m the cook in this family, been cooking and serving meals long before adulthood and every day since. He not only accuses me but tells everyone he meets that it’s my good cooking that’s to blame for his weight gain! Now this guy wants to stand in my kitchen, questioning if I’m doing it right?!?! This actually does remind me of his mother.


Once, while frying chicken for dinner, his father commented, “That’s not how my mother does it”, at which point, she simply opened the kitchen window and promptly launched the platter out! “Bet your mother never did that either?” she said. (Makes me feel all warm fuzzy inside.)

One day while driving, Clay says “do you think I’ve developed a man- gina since I retired because when we passed Evergreen (a home decor store) I think I felt my uterus twitch!” (His uncouthness has NOT improved)
Though rolling with laughter, I did concur he’s now rather obsessed with decorating, cooking and romantic comedies.

So while driving to Redbox to rent movies yesterday, he asks if I have any lotion. (I somewhat believe that he thinks my purse is a convenience store) “No! I don’t have any lotion.” At which he responds, “What kind of a woman are you that doesn’t carry lotion in their purse!?!?”
Me: “What kind of a woman are you!?!?” I blurt. “Shouldn’t you be carrying your M-urse with your own lotion and chapstick?” πŸ€—πŸ€£

Always with love – Laura

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  1. so funny. I am still working but husband is retired. I have been working more from home and recently saw a video which expressed everything I thought. It was titled “when you are working from home and your significant other isn’t.” It was a clown in the background laughing and jumping up and down with excitement and doing all these home projects including…some great things but I understand!


    • Thank you so much, Judith! We do have a great a beautiful kind of love & friendship and always finding humor in ourselves and daily life. He certainly keeps me laughing! πŸ€— Hope you found your smile for the day!πŸ’•

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  2. Amazing, I’m not surprised because in Ghana people reduce their age just to avoid going on retirement. Obviously it’s not for financial reasons only but all the social life work offers. I have a long way to go but I hope when I get there I’d still be on top of my game and my fashion sense matching with current trends.

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  3. Roflmao
    I would launch the chicken too if my hubz ever told me its not how his mama does it.

    He goes to moms for leftovers, i cook but not thinga like meatloaf which he craves..why is beyond me lol

    We are not retired yer but as the kids are grown hubz comments all the time how old he is because he gets excited for upcycling thrifting and antiquing ( is that even the term anymore? Lol)


  4. Ha ha ha…you can always make me laugh. My husband fluctuates between being retired and going back to work, and when he’s home I can so relate to your story. He hovers over me while I cook – love your mother-in-law’s response. Life, it seems, is always about adapting.

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  5. When my dad retired he decided to wash the furniture with vinegar water to remove the accumulated smears and fingermarks “like his mother used to”. Within 10 minutes he’d knocked the vinegar water over on to the carper. My mum went ballistic. “For goodness sake get a bloody job” she shouted. He volunteered with the Citizens Advice Bureau and practically made a second career of it. But my mum also had to learn to let go and share some of her responsibilities too.

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    • It really is a learning experience. He’s feeling displaced and in the process , he’s displacing me. The once clear lines, boundries and domains of what we each were responsible for, have now blurred and ran together. We are learning as we go, how to do things together, cooperatively and how to move in tandom. It’s different certainly than what we’ve known before but that’s not a bad thing. With small adjustments, I think it’s going to be a wonderful, bond building time in life. 😊


  6. This is funny! When my husband and I worked in our cupcakerie together…we drove each other crazy! I am surprised we are still married! His culinary training was from the Army and mine was from my mom, an award winning cook. He went to cooking school and won some contests. We had two different ideas of how to run a kitchen. I did pick up a few things and so did, he. Best of luck.

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