With the arrival of each group of visitors to our home, I see the same.  Greeting our guests, I note the haggard expressions and weary eyes.  Their sails, threadbare and tattered at the edges, their hulls battered from the crags and shoals of life.  Their bodies bear the taut tension of  struggle against tides and weathered storms.   I note too, the relief as it washes over them, like Mariners too long at sea, berthing within our harbor.


Such is life in a hectic and demanding world but here, all cares are cast upon the waves and spirits are refreshed.  At my harbor home, the weary laden traveler, shed their restraints for flip flops, shorts and bare shoulders.

Unburdened of the cares of daily life, find nourishment  in hot meals, cold wine and coconut rum.

Their days are spent basking in the warm sun,  splashing in cool waters, boat rides, fishing, floating and a fare bit of shenanigans, filling our cove with laughter and unfettered joy.

Afternoons find dreamers napping beneath the shade of canopied trees.


Our evenings are spent on the deck overlooking the lake,  in quiet wonder of unfolding watercolored sunsets over quiet conversation.


At night, we fish, watch movies, play cards or venture down for late night swims.

The end of day, content with their day with souls renewed our guests slip between the lavender scented sheets, sailing off to sleep.

Departure, amid farewells and blown kisses, our guests, mended from the fray, feel strengthened to face whatever the sea of life may bring.  Silence and solitude envelope our tiny harbor and with yearning hearts, we scan the horizon til longing steers them to port again.


    • Thank you, Angel💕
      We’ve had constant guests since Memorial Day again this year. What a blessing it is and memories made for a lifetime. Bringing some of my older posts forward lately for new followers until I can catch my breath. Lol

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      • Angel, you are such a…warm, loving, caring, encouraging, spirit in the world. I cannot express nor stress enough, how wonderful you are to me, precious and valued and how utterly blessed I find myself to have found you in this world.💕

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  1. You are generous to share your piece of fortune. I am a little superstitious and sometimes keep the good to myself and my immediate circle. Good on you for opening up your world. It looks like a commercial, almost but I know a place to recoop and became reborn in life is a haven and on this earth there is a reason we have our own haven and need them.


    • It’s true I guess, I do feel obligated that as I am blessed, I must bless others. Otherwise The blessing stops with me….it’s a gift that must be shared in order for it to grow and sharing my blessings blessed me as well in the joy I see on their faces. 🤗

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  2. I don’t think you would have enough lake to hold all that I need to shed! 🥴 But your way with words relaxes even the most troubled souls! 💕💕🥰


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