What Beauty Is: My Daughters Journey Unapologetically Her

The credit for this post belongs solely to my daughter. She wrote this today and the wisdom of her words deserves to be heard and lived. She’s always been beautiful….more than anything, a beautiful soul.


When I see these pictures I think, who was this woman? Me that’s who it is… unapologetically me. I wasn’t depressed in these pictures or unhappy. On the contrary, I was very happy in life and had more happy moments than not. I did struggle deeply with moments of despair, inadequacy, physical and mental ailmants, much like all human beings. I struggled with the stresses of daily life, of dealing with the inevitable factions of beingness, that only come with being a member of the human race.
I get this question alot now, “Do you experience more happiness now that your not obese?”. The answer is easy.

No, I am not any more or any less happy in, or with life now that I am at a normal weight. My weight was never a determining factor of my happiness. Do I feel exuberant? Absolutely! I am exuberant about my progress and how physicslly better I feel, the option to buy reasonably priced clothing is now open.


I have extended the longevity of my life I pray (unless the forces of nature or mechanics prevent that lol) I have a healthier relationship with my husband and children because I am more active in normal day to day tasks.

Losing weight is not a solve all. During the process of weight loss you do realize how very superficial and unrealistic we were regarding our bodies, how we would hide ourselves and/or our bodies, only take face selfies instead of full body from guilt or shame because that’s the only way we felt good about ourselves. You realize how really very unimportant those things really were/are and that you may have missed out on some very special moments by accepting those toxic feelings.

During this process of weight loss and true health “care” we learn acceptance of the now, acceptance of the little changes we make on a daily basis, the control over our lives and bodies that we already had but was too scared to impliment. We learn to love the process and to find ourselves truly more so to accept, to forgive and grant ourselves beingness.

This is the beauty of our journeys. We find little pieces of ourselves that we left behind and start bringing those strengths to the forefront of our minds.

This is your own personal journey no matter where you are at in it. Accept where you are, love and thank yourself for caring for you for once. No one says we have to strive to be bodybuilders, fitness models or advocates. We’re striving for health and an awareness that we are worth something… that you ARE worth it.

The weightloss is something that follows your health. Love yourself and treat yourself with the same care, kindness and concern you share with everyone else. You deserve it! Be unapologetically you!

-Love Krista

My daughter has in the last 2 years, lost nearly 210lbs and she did it the natural way. It seems impossible but she’s proof that it’s not! She started very simply by first making the decision to make a change. The decision is the 1st and most important step of that journey. Then, as she likes to say….you have to show up AND do the work.

She began with a simple walk around the block…huffing and puffing all the way, but she did that work every day until it became 2 blocks. No longer huffing through it, it became a mile…to jogging a mile. She set small attainable goals and met them.

Overeating isn’t always the problem. In fact, as she began to seek out others who had been where she was and were successful in their transformations, she became educated. She learned about metabolism, nutrition and with what and how, to fuel her body for maximum energy and weight loss. To her shock, eating like a bird was actually hindering her progress. She wasn’t taking in enough calories!

Today, she’s not only become a certified personal trainer but uses multiple platforms to motivate, inspire and coach others.

10 months progress


The first and most important lesson she teaches, is that you must first learn to love yourself and treat yourself with kindness, no matter where you are in your journey.

Transformation begins with being kind to youπŸ’•

Always with Love – Laura


  1. This is a humbling and inspiring post. I knew your daughter was an amazing woman having read Ezra’s story. She is strong and determined and she has the faith in herself and in those around her to drive her to the finish line. She is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and you have every right to be SO proud of her. πŸ’•


    • I probably mispoke. I cannot be proud of her as that implies that i have some credit for her accomplishments but rather I am proud for her. I was never as strongly, determined, more centered in being. I was blessed to merely watch who she would become and inspired by it. 😊

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  2. This is excellently inspiring!❀️

    β€œI learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
    ― Nelson Mandela


    • I’m very proud for her…from the phenomenal mother she is and everything she’s been through as a mom to a boy who was surgically taken from her at 26 weeks gestation and 1 lb 10 oz to save her life, and all of his surgeries that would follow over the last 8 years ( see post Prayers for Ezra) to her strength and determination to achieve all that she dreams to her unfailing love and care for others.


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