How do you describe a father, all that it embodies, all that he has been in all stages of your life?  From tiny fingers reaching for his outstretched hands while clumsy legs take unsure steps, to pirouetting little girl…”look at me daddy! Look at me!”


then  awkward teenager on the verge of womanhood to wife, to mother then grandmother, one constant, unshakable thing remains….your dad.


He is our very first example of God…our shelter, provider, protector, comforter. He is our example of what manhood should be in his character, strength and wisdom.  By him we are taught our value and by his example, we learn how to be loved and how to love, others.  He is our hero, our first love and he is the bar by which all others are measured and whose shoes will be near impossible to fill.

A poem I’d written MANY years ago that my father loved.  For you dad…

I Forgot to say

As I reflect upon my life
time after time, I can see
the many ways I’ve let you down
how I gave you cause to weep.
It breaks my heart to see the pain
I must’ve put you through
and worse to know, I’ll do it again
without ever meaning to.
I know it’s been a long time
since I took the time to pray,
Please forgive me
not for the things I’ve done
but for the words I forgot to say…
I’m sorry daddy

You always gave me room to grow
and learn from my mistakes
but when I’d get myself in trouble
you’d come rushing to my aid.
Your hands were ever open
to catch me if I fell
and held me up when I’ve been weak
more times than words could tell.
All the times that I’d been lost
you took my hand to lead the way
You’ve always been right by my side
yet I forgot to say….
Thank you daddy

when I’ve been scared, just like a child
I’ve climbed up on your knee
to the safety of my daddys arms
and the shelter of your wings
And when my heart gets bumped and bruised
you wipe away each tear
when I need a friend to talk to
you’re never to busy to hear.
You never turn your heart from me
no matter what I do
and I hope to never forget to say…
daddy, I love you

– LB


    • Truth!
      I’ve recently began to bring forward some older posts to share with newer followers. With Fathers Day weekend, I thought it’d be a good time to bring the 2 father related posts to the top. Also, it allows me time to be a little lazy here while wildly busy with vacation quests that flood our home all summer. 😂

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