Beach Towels & A Bottle of Wine…

Summertime was slow to arrive this year with May and June blanketed in storms and  evenings spent embraced by cool breezes and light sweaters.  But, July brought the heat and with it, visitors.

Nine groups of visitors have graced our home so far in the last month.  The furthest between was 2 days, to prewash bedding, restock supplies and recovery housekeeping.  Most, were a mere 16 hour turn around between guests and once, the departing and arriving guests overlapped by a day.

Though my blogging has suffered, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Though often writing about life, it is of greater importance to actually live it.  For these last weeks, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing….living life and being present not only in my moments but in the moments and memories of those I love.

We’ve taken my mom boating and fishing.  Of course, we didn’t catch anything but that was okay.  We simply enjoyed doing it together,  spending time together, talking and laughing.  After all, it is called fishing, not catching, right? Lol


We’ve met our nephews future bride and we were our newest grandsons first long road trip and marveled at his growth, his smile and took him on his first boat ride.  Our youngest daughter came for too short days but we packed them with wineries, puppies and fun in the sun.

We spent days on the lake, swimming with our daughter in law and granddaughter.  One niece came twice with her boys and our nephew returned with his kids as well.  Mom, came back with my sister in law from Florida, her oldest and youngest daughters and my great niece who I got to meet for the first time.

We enjoyed all the lake has to offer, boat up restaurants for lunch, cookout evenings,  binge watched all 3 seasons of “stranger Things” with my young nieces til 3am,  played board games at night.  We went go cart riding,  cave touring and played miniature golf with the young nephews.

There were quiet moments too.  At twilight,  we gather on the dock, some taking a cool evening dip, others taking up fishing poles and some, a book, a blanket, a bottle of wine.  It’s the kind of quiet moments that are reserved for those you are truly close to, where there is no need to fill the silence with chatter but rather the ease enjoyed to simply be in each others presence.

I drank in the moments like a chilled summer wine, sweet and savoring.  I lived and experienced them fully, grasping them with both hands and tucking them within my heart.  These are the times that matter, the once that make memories that last.

Something special from the kitchen.  Huge success!


Chocolate Waffle Sundaes 

Preheat waffle Iron.  Mix chocolate cake mix (Any flavor of cake mix will do)  according to directions.  Add about a 1/2 c. of cake batter to the hot waffle iron and cook until indicated done.  Place in a bowl a top with desired flavor of ice cream and toppings.  Super easy, fast and delish!

Cake batter waffles are a quick way to serve cake without the baking time.  Be creative, top with fruit, ice cream or a dusting of powdered sugar.  You can even stack them and drizzle with warmed frosting.  (Microwave a tub of frosting to create a glaze like drizzle.)

Dear Friends, it isn’t enough to merely write ABOUT life from an observer’s perspective.  Remember to take the time to LIVE it!

Always with love – Laura💕





  1. Wine goes with all good things. I’ve just finished researching the foods of Roumania to assemble a menu for my evening with Dracula. It begins with an ancient Roumanian wine. Other recipes will follow. Roumania is a bit further afield than where it seems like you live (I did find the wine in Ontario, though…), but if you are interested in all things bizarre, here is the link –


  2. Sounds like a great month. Spending time with friends and family is hard to beat. I’ve never hear of chocolate waffle sundaes until today. Can’t wait to give this a try.


  3. I know that you know this, because that’s where your heart is, making these memories.

    But I wanted to tell you (because your post brought back such happy memories) that every summer I relive the memories of my aunt and uncle and how they spent time with us at their lake house.

    All these years later and their faces and voices are as clear to me as if I saw them yesterday.

    I see that love in this post and I have also missed you posting but thought, “Ok, lake season, Laura will circle back around to all of us in due time.”


      • Omgosh, Margaret! That sounds terrible! Some days are just like that, everything that can ho wrong usually does at the very worst moment .
        Just when company bbn is expected, the boat needs repairs! (because someone broke into it and tried to steal it.) Then with a house full of people with temps due to reach over 100° F, the AC goes out!!! I could’ve just written it, it was so predictable! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh Laura, I am so sorry. I prayed for you, and will thank God for hearing and answering our prayers. But you have to laugh, what else can we do, right? I have been waiting since October when the hurricane came through here to get my house repaired. The damage to this area was so severe that there are people who will be waiting for years before the contractors can get to them. We were on every list of every contractor, and finally this Wednesday one showed up. We were going to just sleep in the room above our workshop, and use the kitchen and baths in the house. Well, as it turns out they have to gut our whole house! We live at the beach so finding housing this time of year is impossible. No rentals houses available, no hotels. We found a place that is well, it’s affectionately called the “drug den” We have been to the house everyday packing our life up, in this delightful 100 degree weather (115 heat index. The thermostat in my house today said 103 YAY!) trying to save anything that we can because when they opened the walls it was full of mold. That of course went airborne and now all our furniture has spores. The house(what could be salvaged and safely cleaned) has to be emptied, stored which is also an issue due to all the storage units are full because of people who had to emptily their houses because of the storm. So, yes running away has crossed my mind quite a bit lol 🙂 It will work out. I know God has us, me and you both. He always has, and I know He won’t let us down this time either.


      • Oh Margaret,
        You are in my prayers! I know this issue so well, having lived along the gulf of Mexico and through many hurricanes. Contractors often flood the area but with the worst ones, there just arent enough to handle the load. I’m just so sorry for all you are going through but like you, I know the difficult times we face in life are often the path to the better place that God has in mind for us.
        Keeping you in my thoughts and covered in prayer 💕

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    • Everyone did seem to have a great time and I sure enjoyed them every moment I had them with me. Every younger in our family from 23 and below, have been hooked on stranger things and we had so much fun binge watching it together. Thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!😊💕


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