Ireland: prelude


Today I saw a picture Id posted on FB of Ireland so I read the journal I took with me, shamrock and purple thisle were pressed between the pages.  I scrolled though the 2000 photographs I’d taken there.  I had been meaning to write about it for too long. I fell in Love there, with Ireland, it’s people and with my life. This was not only the adventure of at least my lifetime but larger than anything I’d ever dreamed…2 weeks and traveling almost 2000 miles around it.
Aug 11, 2016. 4:50 am.
Will Rogers Airport Oklahoma City
Here we go!  We got up at 3am to load up and head out by 4am. We stopped at a convenience store on our way where Clay chose some sort of sausage log on a bun. I tried to warn him off.  Shites on a plane isn’t a chapter either of us wants me to write but he’s brave. Lol
Our next stop is Chicago O’Hare then to Newark NJ for a 10hr layover before boarding for Ireland.
Books I brought:
Silver Linings
A Man Called Ove
Quite Dell

I look over at my husband sitting next to me.  He’s decided to travel in his PJ’s and flip flops.  I chuckle to myself, reminded of yet another reason why I love him…he makes me laugh.
Boarding OKC.  Whoa and Wow!  Pretty sure we just boarded the smallest plane on earth, packed to the rafters like sardines. This seems like a plane you’d read about in News headlines……traveling on a prayer.
( OMG! Just gazed over and caught Clay with a book! Miracles are real!)

There it is….The vibrant orange of the sun lining the arc of the earth just before peeking over the horizon.  I actually have flown in a smaller planethan this one with a single row of seats. It flew in the perfect direction by which the golden crest of dawn filled the windows on one side while absolute night filled the others.  Stunning!
Right now, we’re flying straight into the sun, leaving all darkness behind. Lol How Corny!

Chicago O’Hare
Its mid morning and our flight has been changed and delayed.  We’re not upset about it.  The longer we’re here, the less of a layover in Newark.  Feeling tired now.  Spent time having nibbles at the airport Chili’s then visiting with an Asian guy at the phone charging station.  I love meeting new people and discovering how alike we and our common experiences all are.  He was friendly, smart and entertaining company and we shared many laughs.  Boarding for Newark!  Need nap!

Newark NJ
Exited the plane and bought a bottle of water which was promptly taken away from a few feet away while going through security.  Spent the now 11hr layover traveling the subway type trains from one gate to the next as they seemed to change on the hour, every hour.  I’ve never seen so many people in one place…people from every corner of the world.  The airport transforming into its own small universe that we seemed to orbit.  There was a huge amount of Chassidic Jews who entered.  I’d never seen one in 1st person.  I felt wrinkled and travel worn already in contrast to their neatly pressed shirts beneath flawless suits and sidelocks below smart hats.  Even the tiniest of boys were exact replicas of the father’s and I found them to be intrinsically beautiful.
Next stop Ireland!

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  1. I can’t wait Laura. Will read tomorrow. Your hubby looks ,as the say in Ireland, grand in his p.j’s. I have difficulties making time to read but funny yesterday was our ‘bin day’ and was thinking in particular of Ove 🙂

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  2. Thanks for posting this! My absolute favorite family vacation was two weeks in Ireland too! from Dublin to all these wonderful little villages along the Shannon River, we took time to really explore and fall in love with the people and the land. I kept a diary as well, and I need to go find it!!!!! Good memories.


  3. Yay! My excitement builds just like yours is building 🙂
    Hey your hubby has the right idea, travel in comfy clothes! 🙂
    Great on keeping a journal, mine will be with me too, for sure!


    • Thankfully i jotted a few things down here and there but lost track of so much of it. Luckily, I made quick FB post so our family would know how we were, where we were and keep touch and track of us. Some parts will be strickly location like C.S. Lewis’ home church. The location where the titanic was built, Blarney Castle, Castle ward, the mountain that was Jonathan Swifts inspiration for the sleeping giant in gulivars looks like the face of a giant laying down, st nicolas church where columbus attending 2 years before setting sail. So much, its an overwhelming experience!


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