Dublin: day 1 Pt 1


Our feet on the ground, spirits in the air!
Journal entry Fri. Aug 12, 2016:

I don’t remember the last time I’ve slept.  The night before departure was impossible!  I’ve never been good with sleep the night before any major event.  We drug ourselves out of bed at 3 am.  I’m certain I finally dozed off about 3 minute prior to the alarm going off.  We flew out of Oklahoma City, bound for Chicago where we were delayed, then to Newark for a 10 hr layover that became 11 before boarding for the 6 hr flight to Dublin.  When we arrived, my legs and feet where swollen like sausages!  I get up frequently for walks during flights but swell every time.

The weather is amazing!!!!  Back home,  it was 110° of pure misery.  It’s not so bad if you sit in an air condion room all day but we have a horse ranch and having to work in the heat is enough to make you want to give up the ghost! I prefer mucking stalls in 12° cold.  I can put on more clothes  but you can only take off so much in the heat.  Our tour quide had to take off his jacket.  He says “It’s a heatwave!”  I could live in this weather forever!

The drive into Dublin from the airport was something to see, traveling alongside a river with many ornate bridges.


One of the first things pointed out to us was the actor Colin Ferrell’s penthouse apt.  This is where he stays when he’s home.  I was surprised how casual Irish celebrities are here, no walled, guarded mansions but are permitted to simply live a normal life.

20160812_072749-01Colin Farrell, The green rooftop apt.

We dropped our luggage in the lobby of O’Callaghan Stephen’s On The Green Hotel, then left for Trinity College to see THE HARP, The Book of Kells and the Library.
Before I even knew anything about the Library, I wrote this observation:


“This must be the most wonderful Library on earth! It’s a Harry Potter dream come to life!”  Little did I know that it is actually the Library used for Hogwarts!


The Harp: The oldest surviving Gaelic harp, used as the model for the Coat of Arms of Ireland and may be the oldest existent harp in the world. Absolutely stunning!

The Book of Kells: The Book of Kells (Trinity College Dublin MS 58) contains the four Gospels in Latin based on the Vulgate text which St Jerome completed in 384AD.

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    • Oh, I can’t wait for you to go! You’ll fall in love there! Posts to come: went to Whelans pub from movie PS I love you. Having a pint in a pub older than America, standing on the spot where the titanic was built, C. S. Lewis home church, Dolores of The Cranberries house. The pub Liam Neeson goes to. ..a matchmaker village, cathedral where Christopher Columbus went to 2 years before setting sail, kissing the Blarney Stone etc……

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