Lived In 1st Person: Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral


If you are a lover of history and architecture,  Ireland is an extended stay must! One of the places you’ll want to visit is Christ Church Cathedral.  Dublin’s oldest building was founded in the year 1030 by Sitriuc, King of the Dublin Norsemen.


Its 12th century crypt, the original viking church,  is Dublin’s oldest structure and the cathedral is famous for being the last resting place of Strongbow, leader of the Anglo-Normans who captured Dublin in 1170.



The Crypt was my favorite feature.  It was like descending into some archaic past.  We wandered it’s dim chambers filled with ancient headstones and artfacts.


Displayed there also the were the costumes used in the polular tv show, The Tutors.


Just outside, you’ll find Dublinia, a viking and medieval heritage museum, complete with a viking ship.


Our morning, being quite full had soon emptied our bellies. It seemed only fitting to have fish & chips!  The fish, a delightfully crispy batter with tender,  flaky white fish within. The chips are thicker cut of potato than the french fries of the states and where a curious yellow throughout due to the yellow potato used.  Perfect crisp with delicate center…and a Guinness of course as we’re soon heading over to the warehouse!




  1. The church and crypt looks absolutely amazing. We are planning to go back to Scotland in May, but if they don’t get the Brexit stuff worked out by then we will probably go to Ireland. It looks like it would be equally wonderful.

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