Lived in 1st person: Dublin, Phoenix Park

A group of strangers embarked on touring Ireland together,  leaving as fantastic friends. I’m kneeling on the far right in black top, white slacks. Clays shaved head, right rear. The young couple kneeling  to the left became engaged on the last day.  Reclining in the front is our tour guide Paul Keeley. He was an absolute riot!

After watching the sunrise from our rooms rooftop patio, we all gathered downstairs for breakfast. Clay and I both had the traditional Full Irish breakfast.

Egg, sausage, bacon ( more like ham here) grilled tomatoes, potato farl, irish bixty, brown bread and steamy cup of strong coffee

Our first stop for the day was Phoenix Park.  The park consists of 1750 acres and one of the largest enclosed recreational areas within any European city.  It includes grasslands and tree lined avenues and has been home to a herd of wild fallow deer since the 17th century.  The park also contains Áras an Uachtaráin, built in 1754, it is the official residence of the president of Ireland.


The Wellington Monument, the largest obelisk in Europe,  stands in the park commemorating the victories of the Duke of Wellington. There are four bronze plaques cast from a cannon captured at the Battle of Waterloo—three of which have pictorial representations of Wellington’s career while the fourth has an inscription at the base of the obelisk.


The Papal Cross sits high upon a mound at the edge of 15 Acres.  It was erected as a backdrop for an  outdoor mass celebrated there by Pope John Paul II on 29 September 1979, the first day of his pastoral visit to Ireland. The congregation attending, numbered over one million.


Ashton castle,  a restored medieval tower house dating from the 15th century.


Onward to Christ Church Cathedral  and lunch….





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