Belfast: The Titanic


This morning, my heart rate was soaring with anticipation.  I couldn’t get through breakfast fast enough and be on our way.  I’m sure you know at least the basic history of the Titanic or at least seen the movie so I won’t bore you with a history lesson.  But, you do know that it was built in Belfast, ireland?

We were going to the museum which is built on the exact site where it was built!  I could barely contain my excitement at the mere thought that I would soon be standing on that exact spot!

The building itself is quite a marvel.  I’m including this photo to give you the perspective of it’s height against the people outside.  That’s Paul, our tour guide standing center at the door.


The buildings design is supposed to reflect Belfast’s history of shipmaking.  It’s angular form, designed to the shape of the ships prows, with its main “prow” angled down the middle of the Titanic and Olympic slipways towards the River Lagan.

Many remark that the building looks like an iceberg, and locals have nicknamed it “The Iceberg”.   Most of the building’s façade is clad in 3,000 individual silver anodised aluminium shards.  It stands 126 ft high, the same height as Titanic‘s hull.

The Titanic Belfast visitor attraction extends over nine galleries, with multiple dimensions to the exhibition. Drawing together special effects, dark rides, full-scale reconstructions and innovative interactive features you will explore the Titanic story in a fresh and insightful way from her conception in Belfast in the early 1900s, through her construction and launch, to her infamous maiden voyage and catastrophic demise. The journey goes beyond the aftermath of the sinking, to the discovery of the wreck and continues into the present day in the Ocean Exploration Centre.


With full scale replication, many areas are like stepping back in time and into the Titanic itself.  The attention to detail was stunning…from posters, artifacts and right down to the china.  It truly is the titanic experience!

The Grand Staircase


First Class Stateroom


Third Class



The actual Titanic’s slipway




The awe inspiring scope of the men against the enormity of Titanics propellers. 

At the end, you read it’s final messages and calls for help before exiting outside.


1:45 am

Come ad quickly as possible old man: the engine room is filling up to the boilers.

1:55 am

We have not heard Titanic for about half an hour.  His power may be gone. 

2:10 am




Here, on the ground is a metal inlay that marks the exact spot it was built.  Note the triangular point then look back as far as your eye can see….and that was the length of her.


From here, if you look to the right, you’ll see Titanic Studio where the movie Titanic was filmed as well as parts of Game Of Thrones.

20160815_103152_001-01My post is but a brief summary of all you will experience at the Titanic Museum.  If I were to write it all, wordpress would not have the room to hold it, the hundreds of pictures I had taken nor the enormity of emotion, eerie and heartbreaking and the sheer awe.  Even this small fragment of our entire journey would alone have been a bucket list item worth the trip!


    • It’s AMAZING, Lisa! Next abroad….I hope you’ll make this trip! It’s so affordable…more than I had ever dreamed. We used SmarTours. Included round trip airfare, Two weeks, touring nearly 2000 miles seeing so so much, staying in all 4-5 star hotels, transportation, tours and almost every meal provided for $2,500! It didn’t even have to be paid up front! We signed up in advance, placed a down payment then paid a bit as we chose as it doesnt have to be paid off until 2 weeks prior to departure. Attainable dream and you’ll see so much that we saw, experienced, in this series of posts that’s not near close to over and yet I’m certain that there are thousands of things I’ve left out.

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