Ireland: Connemara Region


Connemara Ponies

Before branching out to explore surrounding areas, we stopped by to tour the Celtic Crystal Factory where we were treated to an exhibition of how they cut the intricate designs into crystal and the years involved in becoming a master cutter.

Celtic Crystal Factory – Galway

Connemara Region

Of all the places I’d been to and loved up to this point, this was the place I longed to stay.  It was romantic, not in the traditional sense, but in the sense of being a place where dreams are born.  I saw a life here, in a cottage tucked in green valley surrounded by mountain, wood floors, thatch roof and a fireplace lit on cool nights.  By day, windows thrown open and rooms filled with fresh air and the fragrance of the cookies and bread I’d bake.  I’d write journals in a garden of heather and purple thistle where little lambs played.  On an old fashioned typewriter, I’d write fairytales for my grandchildren,  inspired by the view of clouds resting atop the mountains from the window above my desk.  Oh I fell in love here, and dreamt an unwritten tale of a life I wished could be.




Interesting note and quite brilliant, I might add concerning the photo of the sheep above with their bight spots of color…during the mating season, a ram will be fitted with a bag of dye around its neck and chest.  When the ram mounts the ewe a bit of dye will be deposited on the ewe’s upper back.  This way, the farmer knows which ewes have been impregnated and moves them on to another field away from the ram.


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