Rathbaun Farm: Ireland Recipe Included


Bidding adieu to Galway, we continued on to Rathbaun Farm.  I was quite excited for a couple of reasons.  This is real daily life happening, having a horse ranch myself the opportunity to witness the workings of an Irish farm was exciting.  And, having never lived anywhere more than 5 years, I was in love with the notion of this family working it for 250 years!


This farm is more charming than words could possibly express, with plastered walls, thatched roof and red doors.  We toured the farm, learning about different sheep, sheep dogs and the job they perform,  bottle feeding lambs and sheering sheep.


I took this video of the sheep dogs doing it’s job.

Inside, the tea room is attached to the 250 year old house where the owner was raised.  It’s been restored to 18th century condition.  Here we enjoyed Ms Frances’ fresh from the oven scones served with preserves, real clotted cream and coffees or hot tea.  I would re-think the naming of “clotted” cream.  Doesn’t sound appetizing at all and for the novice, conjures images of what you find in a jug well past it’s prime!  But, trust me on this…. Falling somewhere between whipped cream and fresh churned butter, it is DELICIOUS!


Frances’ scones are not at all the greasy brick type you find at coffee houses in the US.  Not at all!  They are light, flaky bits of heaven on a plate!  Absolutely delightful and mouth watering! Recipe to follow.


Enjoying the peat fire in the large open hearth, we examined the old house with churn, china and spinning wheel.  I’ll discuss later how peat is used as fuel for the fireplace instead of wood, the novelty of a peat bog and it’s unique fragrance, later in another post.



Ms Frances Scone recipe:

5 cups self rising flour
1/2 lb. margarine
2 cups sugar (less if preferred)
3 eggs
2.5 cups buttermilk
Put flour and margarine into a large mixing bowl. Using your finger tips, mix margarine and flour. Add sugar and fruit and mix well. Mix egg and buttermilk together. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and gradually add just enough of the buttermilk/egg mixture to make a soft dough. Mix with a spoon. Turn out onto lightly floured surface. Press to required thickness and cut with scone cutter or a glass (will do the job just as well). Bake at 375º F for 20-25 minutes or until nicely browned.


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