Ireland: Kate Kearney’s Cottage, Killarney



Nestled at the entrance to the world famous Gap of Dunloe is Kate Kearney’s Cottage, a 150 year old family-run establishment.  We arrived in the late afternoon.  It had become what some would think of as dreary, cool, overcast with misting rain.  However, I’ve never been one to be bothered by that.  In fact, I rather enjoy it.  It reminds me of fall and early spring.  It was a delightful departure from the beating sun and 100° F plus weather back home.

We had come for Kate Kearney’s traditional Irish dinner, traditional music and dancers.  It altogether could not have been more charming!  The buildings, white with red doors and small courtyard with outside seating.  The front had a little gift shop and plenty of rustic charm inside.

We settled in for a lovely dinner while local musicians played traditional irish songs. Funny story, I had stopped smoking and switched to vaping so while we waited for our dinner to arrive, I stepped outside.  It had become dark by then and as I stood there in the rain, a much older gentleman stepped outside.  He was white headed, a bit huntched and walked with a cane.  He must’ve been at least in his mid 80’s.  He approached me and began speaking but for the life of me, I could not decipher a single word.  I merely smiled and shook my head.  He hugged me, and I thought how cute he was.  He took my hand, kissed it then tried to usher me to his car!!!  You old bugger!!!  I laughted out loud, a full on head thrown back, mouth wide open, belly laugh to which he chuckled, shrugged, blew me a kiss then left.

I recorded a few video’s.  The first is the wonderful music followed by a traditional irish dance by the lovely young ladies but the best by far is the third….my husband attempting the Brush Dance!

Local musicians play guitar and other stringed instruments including fiddle, mandola, Irish bouzouki and banjo accompanied by the bodhrán, accordion, uilleann pipes, low whistle and tin whistle.  Irish dancers dance reels, jigs and the almost forgotten ‘Brush Dance’.

Now my husband Clay is a real charater who loves hilarity more than anything.  Nothing screams tourist more than wearing the T-shirt so of course he had to have one.  If you happened to run across him, he’d be the guy in a Hawaiian shirt. Riot!  Now, I will admit that I’m the one who encouraged him to wear the argyle knee socks with the shorts.

He has accused me of not loving him.  He claims that if I really loved him, that I wouldn’t let him leave the house dressed the way he does.  I contend that I’m simply being supportive.  I also happen to collect photographic evidence. 😊  Such as the time we were traveling to Georgia and he decided as we neared Taladega that it’d be a terrific photo op.   I totally agreed, especially seeing the cop parked right behind the Taladega sign…that just upped the ante! Clay dropped his drawers and went full on Ricky Bobby!


The Brush dance!

Back off girls! He’s all mine!

The Gap of Dunloe is a narrow mountain pass between Macgillycuddy’s Reeks (west) and Purple Mountain (east) in County Kerry, Ireland. This place was used as a filming location in the Irish film The Crying Game.

Isn’t this beautiful?

Always with Love – Laura


  1. Hahaha! Oh boy! Do I know about that! We did that wait with 5 kids! Hahaha
    But do save this info and look into Smartours. They have shorter packages as well and you may decide that tomorrows aren’t promised, if we don’t do it now, we never will, or hey, this would be a great anniversary etc trip…just like we did. I’ll look into group rate discounts, maybe a family trip could be possible. Keep dreaming but make them come true! 🤗


    • My posts and pics don’t even come close to capturing it’s beauty, history, wonder. I, like you, hoped for ” someday”. I’ve learned this one thing, if you wait on “someday”, it’ll never come. LEAP! It is do-able. Example:
      Make the decision to go. Contact Smartours. Book it a year from now. Price: $2500.00
      Put $500 down payment. Pay $166 a month ( I can get this by giving up fast food or eating out etc) or make a down payment then pay off after income tax return etc. It doesn’t have to be paid off until 2 weeks before departure.
      What you get:
      Round trip Airfare
      2 weeks in Ireland
      Touring nearly 2000 miles around it with everything in my posts plus some, included
      All 4 -5 star hotel accommodations
      Almost all meals.
      What are you waiting for? 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m waiting for The Girl and The Boy to finish school and move out. Then maybe, someday, The Boss and I can travel together. But I’m grateful for your proposed plan. I’m going to copy & paste it to Word, save it, and review it periodically for inspiration. Thank you so much!


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