Out Of Zombie Land

Recently, I’ve began to feel as though I’ve been living in Zombie land.   Many workers spend 8 – 10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen.  Much of our children’s school day is also spent in front of a computer.   Almost all of us, even children, now carry a virtual computer in our hands at all times.  Phones aren’t even phones anymore but multi functional computers.

In any situation, walking through the mall, walking the streets, at parks and even at family gatherings, the predominant view is people walking or sitting, heads down and focused on their phones.  When they aren’t,  they are either staring mindlessly at a television screen or playing a video game.

Whether it’s to escape the stresses of everyday life, a constant need for mental stimulation or the perceived illusion of maintaining relationships via social media…..we are missing it.  We are missing real life, real relationship and the everyday wonders that are all around us.

A purposeful day….out of the land of the walking dead and into the land of the living.

Rising from our slumber, we greeted our dogs with all the love and excitement of long lost friends instead of turning on the morning news.  (Yes, although they sleep in the very same room with us, they act as if they haven’t seen us in ages.)  Clay, knowing just how I like my coffee, made two cups and handing me mine, we took them outside to the deck.

I noted how long it has been since we’ve done this.  Our mornings have become silent between us, sitting in the darkened livingroom, he, watching the news for the daily dose of depression and I, obliviously  in my phone.  Shoulder to shoulder we stood at the edge, he wrapping his arm around my waist and looking out over the lake.


The morning was fair with a light cool breeze and we watched as the world around us came alive with the rising of the sun.  The chipmonks began to scurry around the yard, the tiny wood duck paddled by with her 3 babies in tow and  redheaded woodpeckers, flitted from branch to branch.


Returning inside, Clay began breakfast, making us bacon, spinach & cheese omelets while I fed the dogs and dressed for the day.  In the absence of the television, we ate our breakfast together and with vibrant conversation.


Wanting to include our dogs in the venture, we loaded them into the van and drove to the park.   Being mid week,  the park was ours alone and our dogs could be freed to run in wild abandon.  Once their zest and energy was spent, we settled into a long, gentle stroll.  Along our walk, I determined to truly experience the moments, taking into account… the warmth of the sun, the feel of Clay’s hand in mine, the cool of the breeze and how that if the color green had a fragrance, this would be it.


Once we returned home, the spoiled ones were ready for air conditioning and a nap and while they did, I remained outside.  I discovered that when you look up, look around, look closer, there is beauty and wonder, EVERYWHERE, as close our own back yards.


Explore….. around my yard, I found a pile of  fallen leaves, rich in color, fragile as old lace.  Together, Clay and I gathered the remnants like the skeletal remains of autumns past and yet to come.


Experience….the play of light and shadow as the sun moves across the sky, the vibrant ever changing color and texture of our world.


Examine….Look closer, examining the finest details and substance of things so wonderously created.

In short, dear Friends, do not content yourselves to merely exist, zombie walking through life nor to be a only a witness to it,  rather, examine, explore, experience and above all, live it.


  1. Hi Laura,
    Came across your post via Hugh’s news & views.
    I am still on my blogging break ‘officially ‘ but am dipping in.
    Sounds like you got your break off to a perfect start with coffee, company & a lovely view.
    I particularly like the bird pic & your close up pic of a flower which resembles a pic I took when in Gambia 2017-2018 during one of my mindful moments.

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    • Thank you so much, Margaret! It is an amazing world we live in once we actually look at it. Our lake front home is virtually tucked between forested hills. I am still amazed at the wildlife that has become a normal part of our day in all their stunning beauty. The flower an bud are from my hibiscus Bush just outside my door. How delicate the bloom and vibrant the flower and how delightful the treasures on my own front porch.

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  2. So beautifully written and with such keen observation and insight. It is amazing how much more we see when we did ourselves of technological distractions. I know that I told you before, but I am now well over a year of being social media free. Every now and than my kids let me know that someone has inquired about me and I wonder what they may be up to, but if it isn’t important enough to text message about I figure I don’t need to sweat it. I’ve tried to redo Instagram with extra photos from here but I just don’t care anymore. I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and I know my appreciation for that which I can control is so much more clear. My work has even strongly encouraged me to do a twitter account for my class, but I can’t even bring myself to do that. I know my quality of life has improved greatly. I’ve even really limited my WP time a lot which works.

    It’s time for me to find a new sibling for Anastasia. There is something about having 2 pups that is so fulfilling and I know she would be much happier with a playmate. Your dogs look so happy in those photos. Mine wants to go out and run so much but when she steps outside you can see her say “too hot”.
    Your interactions with Clay are so heart warming. I really want to live by water! So jealous. 😛 got some good work done on my story idea last week. Expect some emails with ? and stuff soon!


    • Awww….thank you! I have FB but only pop in to check memories and if there any new pics of my grandbabies, then I’m out…too much drama. I have Twitter which automatically posts my WP posts but I never go there. It seemed as though it was just a huge platform for rants. Instagram…I still dont get what that’s about! Lol
      I used to feel such pressure to post everyday turning what I intended for myself, into a job instead. Slowing my pace, releasing myself from the pressure has freed me up to be more IN my own life, given me the time to connect and support other bloggers and I’m finding that I like what I’m writing more these days.
      Anastasia does need a playmate. Getting Eden (youngest Dane) has best thing we ever did for our white mini schnauzer, Bella. Shes the oldest of the group and had become a throw pillow, rarely leaving the couch and only when necessary but Eden was a puppy and the only one close to her size was Bella. So, she forced Bella to be her playmate by simply never letting up. It’s given Bella new life and they are the best of friends. Gus, our 190 lb male, is much like Anastasia & me, he’ll run for 3 min then head straight for the van, stand at the door glancing back at me impatiently waiting to be let in with the AC! We do not like hot! Lol
      I’ll be waiting for you questions! Very exciting!

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      • I swear my stress and anxiety level rose whenever I opened the app.
        I think I will throttle back after I finish this 365. I can’t just stop. I’m pretty sure I’d regret it and it would eat at me. I just don’t know what will be worth posting about that people would want to read. I also tend to lose interest in things I don’t keep up with or that “can be put off until tomorrow”. It’s my fatal flaw 😛

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      • I’m kind of experiencing a similar situation “worth posting “. In the beginning, I wrote mostly prompts, did a lot of photography, short blurbs. At some point, I realized it had taken over my space and my posts were generally just like every other prompt post for the day. It all began to feel like filler, fluff, but so little of myself in my own blog. Of course you grow with time but still, I felt shallow and haphazard. I’m waiting for inspiration, for something to say, putting aside the posting for the sake of ” just say anything” for actually liking what I post and putting more of myself into it.
        Though, I am still reading, commenting and putting more of myself into my blogging community in the interim.

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      • As someone who has followed you from the very beginning I did not feel your posts were like that at all. I feel like you were a lot more unstructured, random yet incredibly interesting and fun. And you know that is how I am so it was a great read and easy for me to follow. I am not saying, by any means, that what you are doing now is the opposite, because it isn’t. I do enjoy what you are writing now, a lot, because I think you are developing what you want to say and are expressing it so thoughtfully. It is crafted wonderfully. And I can just see feel the weight being lifted off you throughout the post. I am pretty sure you didn’t ask for that response, but I think it is so much more about what makes you feel better because from this end, there are no complaints. You are a fantastic writer and I just really enjoy reading what is on your mind!
        Now me on the other hand, well I am a mess. I am pretty sure I put too much pressure on myself, which didn’t use to be an issue at all, but the more people that read and comment the more I feel like I am letting them down. Crazy right?

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  3. Thanks so much for visiting my latest post and leaving a comment about your recent break from technology, Laura. You’ve summed it up so well. I love your ‘zombie’ definition of what our lives can become like when all around us, life goes on, but we choose to ignore it. It’d be interesting to know if you have a plan in place to keep doing what you discovered during your break. I’ve certainly got a plan in place which I have put into action today. I’m confident my plan is going to work even if I do need to adjust it in places.


    • I do, Hugh. I’ve all but sworn off social media. The illusion is relationship but it’s just that…an illusion. Things posted are but a blurb, a forward, a snippet of life, not actual communication. I’m picking up a phone and calling. I want to hear my loved ones voices, have conversations, know what’s happening in their lives and sharing mine.
      I used to be driven to write and post on my blog at least daily if not more. I will reserve blogging to specific days of writing and scheduling posts throughout thereby reducing the number of days spent in front of a computer and releasing them to life. We’re unplugging during meals and actually spending that time together, going to the gym, playing pickleball again, exploring our world together, taking walks, doing date days. I’ll also be more connective in my blogging community. I’m typically awake much later than my hubs (hes an early to bed – early to rise while I’m a night owl) so I’ll read others posts during a few late evenings and reserve that time to comment and connect thereby stealing no time from my life and relationships.
      I’ve resigned myself to consciencely BE in my moments, quieting down my internal chatter, slow down my mental hamster wheel so I can truly experience my experiences, being IN those moments….gather them like wool.

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      • I know exactly what you mean and how you feel about it, Laura. During my blogging break, I came to realise that I had grown away from my loved ones. It was almost as if something else was much more important than them, yet it wasn’t. I’d had the wool pulled over my eyes which in turn seemed to be pointed by something else at the online world. It went on for far too long, even though I’d thought it wasn’t happening. Now my task is to ensure I do not slip back into bad habits.

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      • Mine too, Hugh. I had become distracted from life and loved ones, detached from my life without ever realizing it was happening or had happened! The epiphany was like walking out of the tomb and back into life, taking an active role in it again and in my relationships. 😊💕

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  4. I believe this is why a certain generation has little appreciation of reality and the things you do for them because it looks easy on media, utube or virtual reality. Perhaps that is why they spend some much time at technology games instead of paying attention to the kindness in front of their faces. As you can tell, I am pissed at something that happened today. Thanks for letting me spout.

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  5. I walked barefoot through the grass today to grab something from my car. I haven’t done that in forever and it was such a comforting feeling!! You day sounds amazing!! Beautiful pictures!!


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