Lived In 1st person: Colorado

Durango, Silverton, Telluride Colorado

While the photographs of this adventure are beautiful, for you the viewer, it is like peering through a keyhole. They cannot capture the height of the mountains nor depth of Valley, the majesty and sheer awe . It’s like standing in the center of a freshly shaken snow globe. Evergreens and ponderosa pines tower 3 to 4 stories high with flocked branches, heavy laden with fat globs of snow and the earth, in the morning sun, sparkles like infinite diamonds strewn across white Satin. No, a photograph cannot capture this, nor fully words and all I can say is….I wish you were here!

 Ride a historic coal-fired, steam-powered narrow gauge train on 45 miles of rails originally laid in 1882 between the mining town of Silverton and the railroad-built town of Durango, Colorado.


The road between Durango and Silverton winds up through the mountains with stunning picturesque views. There are plenty of places to stop and explore the grandeur, ski or sled.


Deep snow!

Even the dogs enjoyed this mythical terrain.

Silverton is like stepping back in time to an old west mining town tucked in a bowl surrounded by mountains. Stop by the shady Lady Saloon or maybe a mountain church.

Continuing to the charming Telluride, a former victorian mining town in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.


Driving back to Durango, we stopped for the “Wish You Were Here” photo and to drink in the beauty.


Once we returned to town for a cozy dinner, warm fires and settled in with a couple Snow Shoes.  A Snow Shoe is hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps top with whipped cream…christmas in your mouth!



  1. Oh my perfect Heaven! This place calls my name so loudly! I’m a mountain girl at heart and I have to have my long fix of snow in Winter. But this place with it’s Shady Lady Saloon and all the fixings of a bygone Wild US, this place I have to visit!!


    • Oh I’m like you! I could never live in say place like florida unless I could spend the winters elsewhere. I love winter and SNOW!
      It’s a trip you’d really enjoy. We brought our RV and stayed in a park next to a hot spring that ran off like a stream right behind our camper. The train steamed past each morning. The drive to silverton is breathtaking and the town, beyond charming!


  2. Wow, what an amazing adventure. Your photos are fab and I loved your descriptive introduction.

    I need some snow shoes.


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