A Few Of My Favorite Things…

“Raindrops on Roses….


And whiskers on kittens….


…Are definately a few of my favorite things, along with the song, including the remix. I also thought of simply posting my 7 grandchildren but that would be so easy, it’s almost cheating so I thought I’d give you some insight to my Random and eclectic nature. Welcome to the 7 favorite things tag!

1. I Love old things, things with history…a story. This particular watch belonged to my great grandfather. It takes me back to a time when men carried pocket watches. He was a cook in the army, worked for the railroad and spent time in a sanitarium for tuberculosis. I imagine him checking this watch near a fire, waiting for a train and marking the moments of life.


2. Inclement weather. I agree that it’s strange but I do prefer inclement weather to sunny warm days. I love rainy days, stormy nights, the pouring snow. Similarly odd is that the time of day that most prefer and photographers love, “The Golden Hour”, always causes me to feel deep sadness. I have no idea why.



3. These Boots! I saw someone wear them once at an event and thought they were beautiful. You all know by now that I owned a horse ranch but these are NOT those kind of boots. Oh no, ranch boots are plain Jane leathers or mudboots. These are my husbands over the top effort of not knowing me at all and spending $500 to give me something I glanced at and showed an inkling of liking. I’ve had these for several years and they reside on my book shelf. I have never worn them, not once. How could I possibly risk them getting dirty?!


4. Repurpose, Restore, Remodel. One of my favorite things is to find something that’s outlived its splendor or usefulness and restoring it to something beautiful and giving it purpose. Shown below is an old pie safe I restored for a nursery and our remodeling of the old Farmhouse.

5. Aprons. I adore aprons and apparently, I collect them. They remind me of my grandmothers who always wore them in the kitchen. I’d hide behind their aprons, tug at their strings. They were used as pot holders, retrieved hot pans from the oven, wiped my dirty cheeks, dried wet hands and all my tears.


6. Funny signs. It’s quirky, I know but I enjoy funny or witty signs and can’t help but snap a photo. I found “Speed Humps” in Albuquerque NM particularly amusing. Lol I don’t know what they have going on there.

7. Moments of solitude. I can be quite sociable but my true nature is introvert. I’m bookish, quiet, often lost in thought. One of my favorite things in life are moments of solitude to gather my thoughts, gathering wool or simply walking with God in the calm silence.


Screenshot_20180625-190039_Samsung Internet-01

Many thanks to Stu at Something To Stu Over for thinking of me for this lovely tag and opportunity to display my Photography and quirkiness. Such fun! Thank you, Stu


  1. Oh, how in the world did I miss this?!? I adore those boots! I wouldn’t wear them either. Is that an old church in the rainy day photo? It’s gorgeous whether it’s a barn or a churchβ™₯️ I’m an introvert…until one takes the time to know me.

    This was great Laura!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love a good snow and rain storm as well, next to “national” holidays like xmas where the world seems “closed” storms give calm over me and my surroundings.
    I love repurposing and any animal whiskers lol.

    love your paragraph on your grandpas pocket watch! old things and their “stories’ are priceless

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  3. It would appear that you might have some signs you could share to Friday Follies!! After my time in ABQ I found anything not β€œSpeed Hump” to be hilarious. πŸ’•


  4. I love this post. It’s a reminder of the small things in our life that make us smile. btw – I LOVE quirky signs too … and I’ve never seen Speed Humps before πŸ˜†


    • Thank you so much! It was simply awful when we purchased it but we remodeled it from top to bottom. By the time we finished and finally had our dream ranch….the hubs retired, sold it and moved to Missouri! Lol
      Currently restoring the deck and repainted the livingroom. Lol


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