Lifting My Voice

We hear a lot about “our voice”…finding your voice and letting your voice be heard. But, do we stop to consider the weight of words, responsibility, the reaction or consequences of them once we release them into the great beyond? Our voice and the words we use have power, the power to cause harm, tear down, to destroy. Scripture says that the power of life and death are in the tongue, that it is a small flame that can cause great fires. But, it also says a gentle tongue is a tree of life and the words of the wise bring healing. I absolutely believe this to be true.

Lately, I’ve been considering how I want to use my voice in the world and how to use it for the goodness of things that matter.

Today our area of influence is greater than ever in history. In times past, our reach of influence was limited to our closest friends, family and neighbors. With the advent of social media and, well… WP, the ability of our influence can literally reach around the world. While I haven’t a huge amount of followers across platforms, if only 1 other person reads my words, responds to them, stands in agreement with me in prayer….to me that is a force great enough to sway heaven and move earth.

Today I will use my voice to send out a plea, an invitation and build an army of the praying faithful.. Our battleground will be one tiny child. The enemy cancer and our weapon will be prayer. Will you join me, add your voice, take a vow to pray with me?

Meet Karen:

Karen is a sister in faith from our church back home in Oklahoma, an inspiration and model of the person I want to be. I will tell you all about the things that she would never tell you herself. A humble servant and remarkable woman.

Karen has battled cancer now for decades, having been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given mere weeks to live at the age of 33 with 7 and 4 yr old children at home. Before she would allow the surgery to remove her tumors, she volunteered to be studied by doctors in training so they could have hands on experience with the tumors in place. Much to the dismay of her husband, she explained, “Honey, these are the future doctors for this disease. If they can’t save me, maybe through a little help from me, they can save others.”

While fighting this battle, as her body grew sicker and weaker, she raised her babies, 2 weeks after surgery, went back to work taking radiation treatments on her lunch breaks, was her mothers caregiver, comforted her husband, volunteered at OU Childrens Hospital to rock, hold and love babies taken from their parents…drug babies, alcohol babies and comforted other cancer patients. Though she would continually face cancer in new ways, many tumors…she never cried, felt sorry for herself, never lost faith and never failed to serve the needs of others above her own.

I think it must be one thing to face this battle yourself but when you hear the word cancer applied to your child or grandchild, I suspect that is quite another thing altogether. But, this is what she’s facing now.

Meet Baby Hazley, Karen’s granddaughter:

Hazley is a tiny 11 month old baby girl, wildly loved by her family and especially her older brother. Her family knew that something was wrong by her distended stomach but surely could not have imagined the words they would soon hear. Hazley had a tumor, a very large tumor. We fervently prayed this last week as surgeons cut her completely around her middle to removed the 5 lb tumor along with the kidney from her small body that now weighs a slight 19 lbs. And, we rejoiced that they were able to do so without rupture.

The surgeon removing/holding the actual tumor

Holding our breath, we waited for the pathology report then hit our knees again when it came back with the word Cancer. Hazley is now recovering from a second surgery. Her surgeons had to order the smallest port that’s made, to place in her heart to recieve her chemo treatments. The surgery, while tricky, now complete.

Hazley now faces 6 months of chemo. Friends, I have committed to continued prayer for Hazley, her family and all her caregivers. I’m using my voice in the world today asking if even one of you will join me to bear them up during this difficult time and for the healing of Hazley? There is no greater use of our voice than to lift it in prayer for one another.

Always with Love – Laura

If you would like to keep up with her progress or donate to help with medical expenses, you may follow the link below to Hazleys Hope.


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    Friends, brothers and sisters,

    Please join me in praying for Hazley! Prayer is one of, if not, the most powerful tool we have as Christians! Let our words thunder through Heaven is unison!

    Laura, thank for contacting me and asking me to join in your prayer army for this precious baby♥️

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