Hope. Originally I intended to write a more intellectual post concerning the common use of hope as the (unintended) antithesis to faith. Then, this morning in my FB memories was a post from this day last year. It reminded me of our hopes and how they were intertwined with both the hopes of others and faith.

Clay and I had spent a great deal of sweat and finances, remodeling the old farm house we had purchased 5 years prior. He was retiring and our lives and hopes had changed as we entered this new phase of life but it all came about with it’s own challenges.


The farm before

The farm after

Memory from a year ago today:

Ordeal and testimony of what I’ve learned…

For months we’ve worked ourselves to dropping, trying to get the last of the house remodel projects completed then finally put it up for sale. It took 3 days to go under contract but as we celebrated the ordeal would begin…
First the appraiser didn’t come for 2 weeks, which should have been the 1st thing as it’s the make or break of the deal. If it doesn’t appraise for asking price it’s over. We held our breath not knowing if all the money and hard work would pay off in the end or had wasted it all for nothing. All we could do is hope. Then, it took 20 more days before recieving the appraisal report! However, we crushed It! Yay!!!! Celebrate!

We have a closing of the first of Sept and the work of moving out and getting everything nice for the new owner began and whoa! Are we hoarders? Dismantling a home and ranch is no small task! Back to working til we drop.
We even moved to an rv park to be here in Oklahoma for the closing, returning to the house to work all day AND rented an rv spot in Missouri where we’d be heading after the closing. Lake of The Ozarks being a huge vacation destination, the parks fill up so we had to pay for a spot or not have one when we arrived.
Boom! What we hear: is that the buyer bought a new car which messed up the financing, was trying to fix it, everything awry! Then, that he did work it out but new paperwork now needed, new closing date… first monday, then Thursday….

We wanted and were trying to be great sellers…
1.Had septic serviced $275
2. Someone ran over mailbox. Instead of repairing, bought new one and installed $80.
3. Stove stopped working. Could’ve bought a used but bought new $700 stove. 4. Had pasture mown $120
5. Paid kid to weed-eat and edge $45. 6. Primary AC went out. Installed new one $5000

Repaired leaky faucet. Patched nail holes, touched up paint, scrubbed toilets, bath, showers, sinks, repainted scuffed shelves, etc.
Yesterday morning they called and closing pushed to Friday. We go to the house and I’m sweeping, steam mopping then polishing the floor. As I’m polishing my way out, the agents call, closing now pushed to following monday!!!!!! I now have $500 spent on rv park here, $500 spent on rv park in MO and now have to pay the mortgage again! I was frustrated and Furious!!!!!
As I’m mopping my way out the door, sweaty and grimy, I’m fast talkin God.

“I know you said not to become weary of doing good. Lord, I’m trying. I’m trying but I’m at my breaking point.”
Clay had left with the dogs and I was heading to meet him for refreshment and praying all the way. I’m upset and there’s no use in hiding it from God, He already knows, right? I’m certain He heard my salty language when I found out the closing was pushed off again. I imagine God like ” OM-ME, there she goes!”

By The time I got there, I began talking with hope and in faith, acknowledging my shortcoming.
I told Clay that I need to remember these scriptures…write them on my forehead lol
Don’t become weary in doing good…Gal 6:9
I know the plans I have for you.. .Jer 29:11
If I put my faith where my big mouth is, then I have to trust He has a plan and if there’s a delay in MY plans, it’s for MY good.

We returned to the rv park, feeling better and back on our game when Clay turned on wifi. One of the networks was the name of the buyer!!!!!!
We had met the buyers father who told us they would put their rv on the property to help their son with his baby girl. Could it be?????

This morning we brought the dogs out to potty and sat at the picnic table with coffee when a gentleman walked by with his 3 little dogs and waved good morning. As he walked by Clay said he thought that was the buyers dad!
When he returned to his RV RIGHT BEHIND OURS! I walked over and asked if he happened to have a son buying a home in Tuttle. Yes!

He says ” Omgosh! My son is furious and stressed with the financial people!”
We talked and his son came over.
In the short of the long story….
He inquired twice before buying a business vehicle 2 month prior. Finance guy said it’d be no problem and caused the problem. Poor guy had to refinance the car in mom’s name with an extra $2700 out of pocket to do it, had taken 2 weeks off with no pay to move in and the closing delay was running that time out. He had offered to rent our home until closing but they didn’t tell us and even had worked for a $1200 discount to our closing!

Clay called the bank who said not to worry about the mortgage payment, our realtor made the closing company draw up pre-sign docs for us for tomorrow, will deposit our funds directly when the buyer signs monday. We handed him the keys to the home so he could move right in.
Two last issues remained. What to do with the 4wheeler and 6 x 12 trailer. We didn’t want to have to rent a second storage unit for these. The buyer went to the house, aware we were removing these things today, called & offered to buy both!!

So…as soon as I got my attitude right, submitting to His plan and back in faith, suddenly it all turned around!

Since then….We’ve all become great friends, especially with his mom who I have so much in common with. I love seeing the farm, his little girl growing up there, the joy in life they have. In the front pasture, he’s building his mom a house that mirrors his. It’s an answered prayer. More than anything, we prayed for the right buyers…that the farm would be their blessing as it was ours, that all the love and sweat that we put in would become a home that they would love and that love, family and life would happen there…..and it truly has.

The new owners daughter, thriving there…

The buyers mom, Jean, saw the memory too. This was her comment:

I just can’t love this enough!! Jerome and I said the minute we looked at the farm we both felt like it was home. I have thought so many times how much hard work you all put into this place. Just this week when I asked you about the poles and you told me what all you did to them, I thought to myself how in the world did you ever leave? But we all know God has a plan and this was definitely in your plan and in our plan. We can never thank you enough for everything. I don’t know when I’ve been any happier than here on this little piece of heaven on Earth. And even though the devil tried to stop it from happening at the end…God prevailed!! Jean

Oh Jean,
I see that joy, happiness and full life happening in your every post….the pictures of Addie, thriving on that farm and I know without a glimmer of doubt that it was a prayer answered and higher plan fulfilled. My heart is always in awe and lifted. I too feel indescribable joy!😊💕

Friends, if there were one thing that I would tell you about Hope, it’s this…. fulfillment of Hope follows where Faith leads.

Always with Love – Laura💕


  1. Wow. That stress would have drove me bonkers! But what a blessing to become friends and to watch your house become a home for another family. She’s just such a cute little girl who will have so many cherished memories there 🙂

    Thanks for the tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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