Discovery And Being Mimi


Remembering the first time my granddaughter, Adalie came to stay with me, Mimi. I checked FB as usual, this morning and always enjoy checking the “On This Day” memories. It often provides grist for the writing mill and always a smile. Today is just another reminder of how wonderful it is to be a grandmother and how big the shoes I have to fill from my own.

What an exciting time, spending time with my young granddaughter Adalie AKA Nana. We were there when she was born but didn’t see her again until she was a year and a half, at christmas. With all the excitement, people, festivities and preparations, you are divided between activies and people. It’s not the same as spending individual time.

I am discovering my granddaughter for the first time and she’s discovering me. I’m discovering her looks, moods, the things she likes, her sense of humor, what makes her smile. She’s discovering Mimi’s No-No’s, the feel of my cuddles, kisses and smell.

Yes, when I pick her up, she wraps around me like a body hug and takes deep breaths at my neck, my hair and smiles. I smell her back, remembering the smell of my mother and my grandmothers. They bore the aroma of comfort, safety, love and home.
Tonight we are sitting in Mimi’s chair, eating peanut butter from the jar with a spoon and learning where our noses are. Lol

5yrs have passed since then, as fleeting as an autumn day, and how she’s turned like the changing leaves, from babe in arm to princess, explorer to school girl. And, how I’ve wished that I could stop time, for just a little while, that I could rock her in my arms….twirl the princess, explore the world with her, just a little while longer.

Though she’s ever changing, still one thing remains. She loves her Mimi like no one else and says that I’m her best friend. It’s a true kind of love.

Adalie singing “It’s A True Kind Of Love”

The days I spent with my grandmothers were my sweetest childhood memories. I hope I can live up to their presence for my grandchildren and give them that same gift to last throughout their lives.


My grandmother Charlotte holding me at my greatgrandmothers table.

Always with Love – LauraπŸ’•


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