The 3rd Hour: Tried

Through the Scriptures we find there were defined “Hours of Prayer” specifically as:
The 3rd Hour – 9 am – 10am
6th Hour – 12 Noon – 1pm
9th Hour – 3 pm – 4pm

These hours are set according to how the Jewish people defined  hours of the day (of daylight) which began at 6 am instead of the 24 hr cycle beginning at midnight as we do.
You may remember that you’ve often read passages that mentioned these same hours and possibly didn’t understand their significance.

On This Day, I set my alarm to The Hours.

At 9AM (the THIRD HOUR of prayer

 It was at this time that Our Lord was tried.  The sheep had scattered and HE, abandoned by those He loved. He had been viciously scourged, shamed and sentenced to death by crucifixion. 


The incense is offered in the Sanctuary and the first Tamid lamb (a perpetual sacrifice) is offered as the Temple gates open. [Mishnah: Tamid 3:7; Edersheim, The Temple, chapter 7, p. 108]        9-10AM

It is the time for the communal “Shacharit” (morning) prayer service (Acts 2:15) at the start of the 3rd hour.

My heart is heavy. I was known by Him before the foundation of the world was set, blood guilty, fallen and cursed even from the womb yet….He bore my judgement, my sentence and the wrath that belonged to me.


  1. Good Friday is such a bittersweet day. Whether it’s celebrating the season or reading my Bible, my thought is always, “Can we just skip this part?” 😦 I hate thinking about what Jesus went through, but to think He did it for ME …! ❤

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