The Most Unlikely Of Gifts

The most unlikely of gifts was bestowed upon me at my birth….A barely 17 yr old guardian angel and superhero rolled into one with a lopsided halo perched above pink sponge rollers and a house dress cape.


Further proof I don’t like my picture taken. That face!

A fierce defender standing between me and the world. While making mud pies in an empty lot, a neighbor lady threatened to spank me if I came into her yard. Returning home in tears, she sprang from the porch, hair in curlers and house coat flying behind her like a cape to terrify said neighbor into a hasty retreat.


She was my playmate, sitting on the floor eating salted lettuce and green beans with our fingers from the can. We colored , painted and played. She’d take me to the malt shop, drop a coin in the jukebox and lift me atop the table so I could dance among the cheers to Woolly Bully. (Table dancer from wayyyy back lol)

She was my comforter and nursemaid. With tender fingers, wiping tears from chubby cheeks, pressed cool damp clothes to fevered brow and doctored every scrape and bruise. All sickness I’ve nursed, every tear I’ve dried, each consoling word spoken, I first recieved from her.


My personal cheerleader who declared that every picture colored, painted, word written, song sang was the most beautiful thing ever created by anyone! Her belief in me taught me to believe in myself, believe I could and gave me the confidence to try all that I dreamed.

All the things she was and is….An unlikely gift, guardian Angel, hero, supporter, comforter, a my very best friend…we shorten those titles to a single word…Mom.


Happy Mothers day to my mother and mothers everywhere! As unlikely as it my feel, you are our first and greatest gift💕


  1. Your mother sounds like an awesome defender, even in her house gown and curlers. What a blessing to have such a fierce force of love in your life! Treasure the moments (my mama passed a few years ago and I miss her like crazy…)

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    • Thank you so much, Virgina💕
      I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so fortunate to still have both my parents but lost my grandmother a couple years ago and my mother still aches from the loneliness of her absence too. I can’t earnestly say that I understand, but as much as I dont want to imagine it, I know that day will come and fear how lost I’ll feel without her.

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