Marriage: Mystery Solved


I’ve finally figured out the answer to the age old question that EVERY woman has asked herself …Why do Men get married?

Leaving the house, my husband, Clay, says “Honey, I need the keys.”  We stop at 7-11.  He buys gum, takes a stick, hands me the wrapper and the package.  We stop at an Antique store, “I need the checkbook.”  He wants to contact the owner of a certain piece so….”Honey, I need a pen…you got paper?”  He hands me his notes. When we stop for lunch, he hands me his keys.  Inside, he needs his reading glasses.  We finish eating   and he asks for his wallet.

The reason men get married….

APPARENTLY they need someone to carry their purse!


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      • I know–it doubles the JOY!! The other thought which comes to me is that you kind of “flipped” the teasing stereotype of men carrying their wives’ purses…which truly is an amusing scene, since they can’t seem to do it without looking awkward, embarrassed 🙂


      • I actually talked Clay into carrying a man bag or satchel (whatever they might call it to man it up) once. ( I called it M-urse.)
        We were taking 2 of our teenagers down to Bricktown, OK. Serendipitously, he wore a pink polo. ( he argued it was Salmon. Whatev. Lol) When we exited the vehicle, I said, “Hey, you can carry my stuff this time!” and dropped my pink bejeweled phone into his M-urse. While browsing through a boutique, my phone starts ringing. Its our eldest daughter calling. Clay, clamoring and juggling to to get to the phone, whips it out, trying to answer to shut it up…..our teens scattered like rats….I’m be by over, hee hawing like a jackass! I knew it was our daughter by the ringtone. There’s Clay in the middle of the shop in “Salmon ” polo, M-urse, “get get get it girl” screaming from the sparkly pink phone in his hand! Last time he ever carried a “satchel!


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