Laura in Real Time: The Weird things I do

More memories from my life in mudboots….


Cinderella, that’s what my husband calls me. He says I’m a natural, magnet like Pied Piper of animals and small children. Our Pastor claims that I like animals more than people. Both are probably correct but to the second, I defend… “You’ve met people though, right?”

We were driving the dogs to the park with some country song playing that must’ve said something about dancing like nobody’s watching. (I honestly don’t know. I like a few country songs but mostly I hear blah…blah blah until my “mothers hearing” tunes it out completely.) Clay says, “I remember when you used to dance like that.” He has very little idea who I am when Im alone.


I’ve never had horses, donkeys or cats before buying our little ranch so I didn’t know how to treat them so… I treated them like I do my dogs … like children. 🀣 The horses grew quite fond of being sang to in lullaby tones while I brushed them. They didn’t even mind that I sing off key!

They became very affectionate and trusting. I could call them like dogs and they’d come to me, allow me to spoon them while napping in the pasture and they’d stretch their long necks over my shoulder like a hug.

At night, before I left the barn, they’d all stick their heads out of the stall doors and listen intently as I stood in the center, saying a nightly prayer. Hey, scripture does say to preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE, right? Just trying to keep right with J-sus!


The barn cats didn’t mind that they all had the same name. Every generation was called Tiger Tiger Baby Baby. They came like dogs when I called them and vied for love and attention. Our mini donkey, Kevin, loved brushings, followed me like a puppy and played fetch with a jollyball.


Gus, our 190 lb male great dane, waits with his blankey in mouth while I get my coffee then stretches across my lap to be held, sucking his blanket and nose whining.

Our female, Eden, is the newest member of my animal madhouse. When alone, I break out the wild dance moves to random songs on commercials. They breakout with me, jumping and turning with excitement. Eden looks to Gus as if to ask “what’s happening?” I imagine him ” Who knows! Just go with it!” Me: “this is the lawnmower, guys….now the Carlton!”


There you go….I’m a weirdo. Always with Love – Laura πŸ’•


  1. What a sweet posts, love my animal babies. I always add baby to my pet’s names. They are all my babies I tell my husband. So sweet. Horses are just big dogs to me too and speaking of big dogs, that dog of yours could be a baby horse.


  2. All i can say is: God Bless, and Long Live, Such Weirdness!!! πŸ˜€

    The world needs more of that kind and less of the ‘usual’ kind.

    Yeah… i’ve met ‘people’; mostly i prefer the company of animals, flowers in some cases! πŸ˜‰


  3. Love it! Sounds like I better start praying in the barn. I bet that is why Tiger comes to the house every night…needs her prayers and lullaby…lol!!

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