My Life In Mud Boots: WAIT! What?

OH, THE MEMORIES! From my life in Mudboots….

City Girl, knee deep in Country


I’ve come to embrace the fact that my life has a life of its own. Attempting to control, direct or plot a course in life is like trying to lasso a chicken! I’m a city girl. I know the hustle and bustle of city streets, mimosa brunches and stilettos. Imagine my surprise to find myself a horse rancher, standing on the porch in mudboots!

A year later and the dogs (obviously city dogs) are sitting on either side, looking up at me like, “Um…are you sure about this?” Heck NO! (They’re not having any of it and want back in to the couches and air conditioning.)

Being in culture shock for a year, you’d think by now it’d be darn near impossible to surprise me but as a general rule and on a daily basis you’ll hear these words, “WAIT! WHAT?” That’s exactly what I was thinking right about the time our mare, Cash, was about to foal. (That means to give birth. Surprised I know this? Yeah? Me too!)

I had become aware that once the birth was complete, I’d have to hang out a couple hours for the delivery of the placenta. Yep, that face you just made….I made that too! Now get this, I have to inspect it to make sure it’s complete. WAIT! WHAT?

Ahhh… first… EW! Secondly, I’m feeling like this is going to take a hazmat suit , goggle’s and some tongs. (Barf bag, a given) I am unprepared and most importantly, how the heck am I gonna know if it’s complete?!?! I’m certainly not climbing up the horses wazoo with a flashlight to make sure!

I’m virtually made of questions! Do I have to save this thing for the vet? And, in what would I store it until the vet comes, Tupperware? I draw the line at putting it in the fridge!

This whole experience has had some interesting effects on Cashes and my relationship. In some ways it’s been very bonding but at times awkward….seriously, I’ve felt her up like 3 times tonight already. We aren’t even making eye contact anymore.

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    • That was such a random plot twist in my life! Lol
      Even the way it came about but seriously, how could I even be suprised anymore? I once opened my own boutique to offer items that weren’t readily available in our area and ended up owning a tattoo studio! A tattoo studio!?!? Top studio in the state at that, sponsored every rock concert in our area and a band promoter! I still can’t fathom how that happen even happened! 🤣
      This twist came about after buying a horse for Clay as he’d spent many years in his younger days on horseback in his career in Cali. From that point, the progression of said twist happened via my blog post “The horse came back alone” where a new horse we bought shattered my back and both arms, putting me in ICU for a month with a 3 yr recovery! A random guy who seeing me in a body cast and arm casts, decided to look into this horse and discovered he was an own son of famed horse “Texas Hero” and the #1 racing prospect for the following race season! 🤣 Life is crazy….I just had to learn how to pivot with it.

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