An Exposé (because lips and eyelashes don’t sweat)

Shaking My Dust

I was one of those girls.

I would not leave the house without a full face of makeup, not even to get gas.

I knew I looked better with makeup. I felt more polished, more presentable, more ready for my day. And I knew everyone else thought that too.

I put makeup on when I was sick. I put makeup on when I was home with young children. If I had been born twenty years earlier, I’m sure I would have been wearing heels and pearls too.

But then we went to Thailand, and makeup was a lost cause. It was so hot that sweat left trails through my perfectly painted face. I was left with a hard choice: go barefaced or wind up looking like Joker from Batman. Not the 1960s clown-like Joker. The Heath Ledger Joker. So I quit wearing makeup altogether except for really special occasions, and…

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  1. I understand the desire to wear it as I can’t start a day without a shower and shave to make myself more presentable. On the other hand, I think many women look better without it.

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