The Last Day Of Summer

Yesterday presented a savage heat, the sun blazing a fiery kiss across my cheek. Sweat clung to my upper lip and precariously to my brow before dropping right into my eye! As I swept, I marvelled at the lush green world around me yet dry, crisp leaves had mysteriously blown in to make a mess of the deck….an omen of things to come.


We had taken the boat out, enjoying the lake bereft of vacationers and the chaos they bring. In their absence, the water calms, smooth as glass, the locals come out of hiding and the lake is ours again, at last! You’re probably thinking that I just don’t like people, to which I’d say “you know me too well. Lol” but it’s not actually that at all. It’s much more about vacationers who packed everything except their manners which they leave at home.


We had just come in and again standing on the deck when suddenly, dark clouds seemed to gather out of nowhere! With them, came a gusts of cold air as if heralding the end of Summer! I gasped, wrapping my arms about myself and spun toward Clay, who looked as shocked and delighted as myself and we burst out laughing!

Regardless of the date, to me it’s first cold breeze that brings the official end of Summer. I stood outside, in pj’s and bare feet, with steamy coffee and drinking in the mornings chill of 51°. Though too soon to unpack sweaters and scarves, I drug a box from the garage and placed the autumn wreath upon the door, unpacked pumpkins, dreaming of cocoa and fires in the hearth . Farewell Summer!


Farewell to Summer – Laura Bailey

Goodbye to lazy summer days
To breezy afternoons
Make way for autumns fall parade
Prepare for harvest moons

Farewell to rosy cheek and nose
To golden sun kissed skin
We’ll pale before your waning light
Chilled by Novembers wind

So long to lush green hill and dale
Soon muted robes replace
We’ll long at frosty windowsills
And await your warm embrace


    • Hahaha this last weekend we took the grandkids to the fall festival and a pumpkin patch and just died from the heat at 90°!!!! But right this minute today….sweet relief! A whopping 56! Whoohoo!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful start to the fall. As I write this, it is a glorious 61 degrees, the air is crisp and the aroma of autumn is filling the air. There are a couple of those who have their outdoor fire pits stoked up, and it is most definitely sweatpants and hoodie weather. Absolutely love this time of year. Thanks for sharing your day!

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