Connecting to Us

Tip of the day:
If you haven’t recieved flowers from your mister in awhile, send him to the store for an ingredient you need for his favorite dish.

I sent Clay for a package of chicken for chicken & dumplings. He’s been on a “love high” for me ever since…helping me dice onions, carrot & celery and as he’s heading outside to blow leaves, he says, “You’re my favorite person in the whole world”.

Ladies, pay attention to the things your mister loves and surprise him with them from time to time for no reason at all. And, I do mean “from time to time”.

If offered too often, special things become boring and ordinary, ruining a good thing for you both. And, If he wants to dice vegetables or put away dishes….even though he may not chop them fast enough for you or know where you like things put, let him!


Remind yourself that he may not be the communicator you are. When we women have something to say, we are storytellers making sure you can see, feel, and smell, the entire thing in minute detail. His simple offer to help is his way of saying, thank you, I love you, I want to spend time with you doing this together. Love him for that!

Find new ways to connect and make his day…play cards or chess and let him win sometimes(🀣), actually watch the “whatever sport” he’s watching and cheer for his team, offer to scratch his back. (I have no idea why men seem to be like big bears with itchy backs all the time. Perhaps we should offer to wash their backs? I don’t know? Lol) Be his personal cheerleader and affirm him. Believe it or not, that big strong guy, he really needs that.

And when he wants to help, let him …..misplaced things can be put away later, turn the heat down on the stove for slower cooking and let him feel that togetherness with you. Drink in these moments like water for the soul. I’m so grateful for them and you will be too. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


    • Thank you so much Carolyn! IKR? I could easily contribute it to the evacuation of hair from his head to relocating to his ears and back save for the fact that he’s been Ol’ itchy back loooong before that ever happened.
      I tell him “Of course you’re itchy! You’re clearly trying to grow your own sweater and apparently it’s going to be wool?” πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


  1. I once got sooooo annoyed with a coworker. I had suggested he surprise his wife with flowers and he refused, saying she’d think he was guilty about something. To me it was, well just keep demonstrating you’re not! And if you do it more often, it won’t make her suspicious!!


  2. From a guy’s perspective I think you pretty much nailed it. About the only one I disagree with is letting him win in cards or chess. As a huge generalization, I think we males tend to be competitive, but “letting us win” is not going to make us feel better.

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    • Hahaha We have a very funny dynamic between us. We are both competitive to a degree, he maybe more so than myself. We tackle games in opposing ways. He’s gusto and brawn & I am covert and strategic. I, myself enjoy the game and nuances of the hunt and strategy purely for the fun so win or lose, I’ve had a great time of it. Clay on the other hand, is a horrible loser AND an even worse winner! ( I’ve discover it’s a family trait upon witnessing both his adult niece and nephew)
      Hahaha (which isn’t often) He swears I’m blessed, Bewitched or possess fairy magic when it comes to games so much more is his joy when he wins HOWEVER, indeed my letting him win must also be covert & strategic. Hahaha

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  3. I love this 😊
    It’s so much fun to surprise β€˜im indoors with one of his favorite dinners every now and then. It almost makes him forget the plastic cockroaches, wailing toilet rolls and other sundry delights I amuse myself with. A healthy reminder of why he keeps me around never goes amiss lol

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      • Hi John!
        The end of summer through this Fall has felt like a whirlwind. Actually, this past year. With every warm weather season, our hone is swarmed with visitors making our home their vacation destination. I am to the very ends of myself with planning, preparing and hosting others. Within that is personal highs and lows. Clay and I both wrestling with health issues. Being an introvert, so many flowing in and out within my bubble, overwhelms and drains me. Feeling poured out, I then withdraw into myself and solitude so that I may recharge for the next onslaught.
        We’ve had the same highs & lows amongst family members, accidents, struggles, hardships but also celebrations and Joy’s. 2 sons married, a granddaughter adopted and a new grandson born. This is life in all its ebbs and flows, mountains and valleys. The lows remind us that we are living on this side of heaven. But, the Joy’s, remind us that we are not alone and without provision and is the evidence & hope of that to come. 😊
        Tell me John, how have you been?

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      • You’re not an introvert…. 😝

        I hope y’all get some rest. It sounds like you have no personal time to yourselves..

        Congrats on the grandson!!!

        I’ve been good. Dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck. I’m feeling better but still some issues…


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