Change & Time

I stepped outside, lifting my head from my thoughts and froze. My feet grounded as if I’d grown roots. Below, the lake mirrored a pastel prismed sky….blue to pink.


Stunning! It was the kind of vision that I thought I could stare at forever, a thought I’d had so many times before. That I could stay here and let my wandering feet grow roots at last.

My thoughts returned, and I realized that I too reflected the ever changing sky…pink to lavender. One moment, a child who longed for nothing more than a dollhouse, a young girl longing to dance and pink ballet shoes, a young woman dreaming of a wrap around porch and a tire swing in the tree, a “forever” home.


But it all raced by so fast, too fast for dreams to come true. No dollhouses. No ballet shoes. No forever home. Too little time left now, for dreams…for me. It went by as fast as this ever changing sky…lavender to black.

My thoughts recede with the waning light, from the hopes and dreams, long packed away

In the darkness, my feet walk back inside, released from the moment and untethered by roots.


Always with Love -Laura


  1. This was beautifully written. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that for myself I pretty much must be living the dreams that are what I really want; the other things were just that, a dream, an idea, something that if I truly wanted that badly, I would have made happen. I just think we couldn’t possibly have enough time in this very short life to make it all happen, so we hope to get the best stuff in.

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