Spoken Above The Cup

Throughout my life, the most intimate, personal, heartbreaking, and hilarious conversations with friends haven’t been spoken over cocktails but rather in the kitchen over coffee. Like coffee into the cup, we pour out our hearts, offering each other the warmth of friendship and moments of our lives. Allow me friends to offer you a cup of me.

I remember that time that you told me, you said
“Love is touching souls”
Surely you touched mine ’cause
Part of you pours out of me
In these lines from time to time
Oh you are in my blood like holy wine
You taste so bitter
And so sweet oh
I could drink a case of you darling
-Joni Mitchell

When you come to my table, I long for your feeling of warm welcome so no ordinary coffee would do. This is an occasion for the kettle to simmer on the stove for ready refills of the French Press. I would offer an array of sweeteners, vanilla or cinnamon flavored sugars or fat chunks of Madeira and pitcher filled with real cream….a coffee as rich as the affection between us.


Because I would not have you peckish, I’d have prepared for that ahead and let’s be honest, what is coffee without a pastry? Madness! For this particular morning, I’d prepare a chocolate croissant. Fresh from the oven, I’d serve this buttery pastry with melted chocolate nestled within it’s flaky folds.


Let’s talk awhile….

Time: childhood seemed to idle along. Holidays ever seemed so far away and the rush to adulthood took forever! Reaching it though, I soon realized it was a trap and though I wished to take it back, that door was forever closed. If I knew then what I know now, I’d urge that little girl to slow down and savor those days….but what child ever listens to a grown up? I would’ve ran all the faster.

At 18, time shifted into second gear. While caught up in the moments of my life, I nearly missed it. It wasn’t until my first child reached graduation that I happened to glance over the shoulder of my life and glimpsed how quickly it had flown…time had shifted into 3rd.

But, with grandchildren, I am acutely aware of the into 4th, time revving at a remarkable speed! It’s as though it were yesterday that I held my first grandchild in my arms for the first time. Today I have 10 grandchildren, 2 of which departed almost as soon as they arrived earlier this year. And that first tiny bundle is soon turning 16! A moment ago, I became a grandmother for the first time, now suddenly I’m nearing the window of becoming a great grandmother! The only consolation I can think of is that when that happens, my parents will be great great grandparents and they’ll like the sound of that even less! Haha



At once, I face with trepidation the shift to overdrive, winding to the end of me and yet so grateful that time has allowed me to see so many markers of the lives of those I love.

Do you remember when I told you my son (first born) had developed tumors? The specialist confirmed they were tumors and opted for removal instead of biopsy. It’s a process of hurry up and wait. The tediousness of waiting for scheduled tests to surgery date to pathology results, is spent encouraging one another and for me, focusing on taking one breath after the other.

At last, the awaited call came in and I rigidly held my breath at the hesitation in his voice. “Well….looks like it’s chemo for me, mom.” I think I yelled “OMG!” between gasping for air. At the sound of my voice, he immediately yelled back “I’M KIDDING MOM! I’M SO SORRY! I’M KIDDING!” I heard him but I was in the throes of uncontrollable emotion! The dam of my reserve, burst and I was overwhelmed by the flood.

I could not stop crying nor gasping for breath. Barely able to complete our conversation, he actually says to me, “I’m so sorry mom. I guess I know I’m loved though, lol.” Luckily for him, he was safely in another state though I wished he could’ve seen the enormity of my eye roll. I cried after we hung up for probably 30 more minutes, just letting the months of worry and gut wrenching fear pour out of me then chuckled to myself. After all, I raised a real turd, just like me.


I love you dear friends and am so grateful for the time we spend together. Do tell me, what’s been going on with you?

Easy Chocolate Croissants

1 pkg Puff Pastry

Melted butter

Chocolate chips

Preheat oven to package directions. Roll out dough. Cut each section into 4th, making 4 rectangles. Cut the rectangles diagonally, making a triangular shape. Brush with melted butter, sprinkle with chocolate chips then roll from the wide side to the point. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush with butter and bake according to pkg. Remove to platter and dust with powdered sugar. Enjoy!

Always With Love – LauraπŸ’•


  1. Beautiful, heartfelt story Laura and so pleased things worked out ok and that you were able to share your worries with good friends. The recipe looks πŸ˜‹ yumee.
    Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚


  2. Very thankful he was pulling your leg on the chemo! But dangπŸ˜‚

    Time flies so fast as an adult it’s actually scary. And my kids wonder why I want to spend all the time with them while I can. I just say wait…your roller coaster life is just around the bend.

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  3. Such a sweet post and love the good news about your son!! Thank God! And he sure is lucky he was not in arms reach of you. What is it about sons! LOL!!
    When we went on a train to Vancouver 2 years ago at one of the stops , my husband got out and stretched and we saw my son out walking too. There was a Subway really close but we knew the stop would be short so we didn’t go. We could eat on the train. Get back in and the train starts moving. I then remembered how my son was out walking too. The mother’s fear struck. He did get back on the train, right?? I texted him. His reply : The train left!!!! I am in Subway! I looked at my husband and said No Way! Raced to his room in the train that he shared with his sister. Open the door. He is there cracking up as he says to his sister, Told you she would come!
    And they wonder why we get gray hair!!

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  4. I’m sure my daughter would never do that to me, but I’m also sure my son would and think he was being the funniest person on earth! Thank goodness it all worked out.
    I remember that when my kids were really small, it seemed like time dragged and they were going to be like that forever. Then, when they were about 10, I was aware of how fast it was going and wanted to hold my hand on their head to stop them growing. Time zipped by. When I agreed to care for my grandchildren, people told me I was crazy but I told them that I would blink and they would be in high school. I blinked, and they are.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!
    PS I love the word peckish too; no other word is as perfect for when that is what you’re feeling!

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  5. I rec’d a firm job offer last week and start on Dec 7.

    The family next door (30′ from my bedroom) have covid. While we have not had close interaction, I’m isolating as a precaution.

    2 new stray cats, and one that’s been MIA for months and presumed dead, showed up this weekend.

    I noticed a moving truck at the “strange neighbors” house and wonder if they’re all moving, or just the mother’s boyfriend (he was supposed to move more than a month ago).

    I am WAY behind schedule on homework but trying to catch up.

    I have not yet sent snail mail to you. I had a card addressed, got an idea for a handmade card, then stalled.

    Thanks for the coffee and croissant!!

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    • Yay!!! Congratulations on the new job! I’m so happy for you! I’m sorry the nieghbors are sick. I’m wishing them a speedy recovery and glad that you are taking care of yourself.
      During this time when so many are experiencing such distance from friends and family, I am glad that you have good company even if it’s cats. 😊
      The more you pressure yourself with worry over being behind on your homework, the more overwhelmed you’ll feel and hinders your progress. Just steadily take it in small bites, take breaks often and you’ll be caught up in no time and without the stress.
      What are your holiday plans this year?
      This will be our first year since moving here that we aren’t spending them alone. One of our daughters will be here for Thanksgiving with our 2 grandchildren and Christmas will bring a daughter and one of our sons and families to warm our hearts and home.
      Here’s my email again. Remember you can write or email, any timeπŸ’•


      • Thanks!!
        I’ve been alone forever so I usually don’t do anything for the holidays. Well, when I can afford it I leave prosecco and $1* for the neighbors on NYE.
        *Someone once taught me a tradition of putting money outside on NYE so you can “bring wealth into your home in the new year.”

        I work best under tight deadlines so being behind on my homework is my MO. But I need to remember I’m also going to be working again so in the future there will be substantially less time at the last minute!!

        I don’t know if you sent snail mail.. I never got anything. Not complaining… just an fyi in case you did send something.

        I will be spending TDay like every other day… procrastinating while staying in my super warm bed with my cats. Then, around sunset, I’ll treat all the cats (Kitty Dinner now has 14 attendees) to lots of canned food. I’ll have something easy… sandwich or frozen dinner… and beer or prosecco.

        I’m not only blessed to have found a good, well paying, job during covid but also to be starting during a typically slow month with at least 3 paid holidays!!

        I’m glad you get to have family around for the holidays. Especially kids… they make it so much more wonderous!!


      • Hmm…I did. Just a card with short message promising to write a more lengthy letter later….which I failed to do.
        Intentions huh? I actually had a relatively minor surgery but the recovery is much more than expected. It’ll still be another 3 months before I’m set right and back to my old self.


      • I’m sorry your recovery is taking longer than expected!!

        I guess your card is “vacationing” with my missing mail-in ballot (I went to early in person voting). There’s no longer a dedicated mail carrier for my block. We’ll get mail at 8pm, then 8am the next day. I get neighbors’ mail.. so I hope whoever got the card at least liked it!! Thank you for sending it!!

        Sending you magic juju for speedier and full recovery!!!


  6. For some reason I have fallen out of favor for coffee. It’s so weird. I dont think I can blame chemo, like I could for beer, because I continued to drink it up until sometime last year. So would you mind “anticipating” a nice tall cold glass of chocolate milk? (Hope I am not being too peckish πŸ˜›πŸ’•)

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  7. Isnt it awful! My kids think im a sad sight when i get all sappy lol. They are young and the cycle begins again with them! U nailed it…i always said tommorw..next time…and the kids (oldest is 25 he is starting to feel the passage of time) they think im young 50 is light years away! Carpe diem can not be said enough!

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  8. YOUR SON! sounds like my second youngest to a tee, and I too need to remind myself I raised a turd like myself lol. I am glad he does not need chemo! I tell my own children all the time to learn from my mistakes, my main mistake of rushing to adulthood and then realizing too late to turn back! and once again I didn’t learn as a mother, the days flew by in a blink, holidays I couldn’t wait to celebrate with them, then rushed through for various reasons now are constantly around the corner and my “kids” have vanished and I wish nothing more then to go back and make time stand still.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Perhaps it will be a post one day. I know my very 1st post was about feeling the emptiness of grown children aroind thanksgiving and halloween. Hit me like a brick..its almost as if we are aware but dont fight hard enough to cherish the moments..we allow life to take the wheel

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      • Indeed! I thought there was always “tomorrow” until my tomorrows were gone. Holidays are dismal things now. Their absence leaves a void of loneliness as if they took joy with them when they left and I wait for their return. Darn it! I’m gonna cry! Lol🀣


    • Thank you so much! Wish I were better at the tea thing! Classic yank with my coffee I suppose but oddly, when I visit my sister in law (Englander) I truly enjoy the hot tea she always offers. It’s just never as good at home. I think it must be the company. 😊

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