Advent: Conceived Grace

Luke 1: 26- 38

She becomes a space.

Mary opens her hands and she nods. And the promise is conceived in the space of her surrender — the pod of the Most High God, lodging within her willing yes.
Beneath her heart—in one yielded space—beats the thrumming love of God.

There is no need to produce or perform or perfect — simply become a place for God.
In this space, God chooses the inconceivable — Grace and conceives Himself to deliver grace into the world.

Conceived = It’s root in Latin means nothing less than “to seize, to take hold of.”

Christmas is conceived in your world when you simply recieve it. When we think we’re the ones who will have to produce Christmas, we only half-wrap the notion that we think the saving of the world begins with us. There is a name for this and it’s called idolatry.

Hear it like an echo of the heavenlies: Christmas can’t be made!
Your life becomes a masterpiece the moment you see it as a gift of grace to willingly recieve.

Mary kneels before us this first Christmas not as a woman producing, performing, or perfecting but simply bending before a God who has all the power to dispatch angels, enfold Himself in embryonic cells, choreograph the path of the stars — a God who quietly beckons every man, every woman to simply come, bend, make a space, recieve.

This is the chronology of grace, the chronology of Christmas: before we are called to give, we are called to recieve.

In this gift and grace of Christmas , only one thing is necessary— be a space for Love to come.
You simply have to recieve Love. Let yourself be loved.

“Will you let Me fill all your emptiness with Love? Recieve My Love? Conceive My grace?”

Your greatest Gift is not your gifts, but your surrendered yes to be a space for God.

Merry Christmas to all & Always With Love -Laurađź’•

Adapted from Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift
Unwrapping The Full Love Story Of Christmas


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