I Cried Today

I cried today….

My daughter Krista and our grandbabies, Adalie and Ezra, have been here for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping.  This morning at breakfast, having seen wrapped gifts appear under the tree, the kids began talking about Christmas.  I told them that I was excited too to celebrate Christmas because it’s Jesus’ birthday.  They wanted to hear more. 

I was trying to explain it in a way that little ears could understand and remembered that I have the gospel of Luke on my Netflix list so to give them a visual reference, decided to put it on though I thought it was too adult to hold their attention for long.

Adalie climbed up on the seat nearest to the TV.  To my amazement,  she was rapt, watching intently without a word and never once looking away!  This was a miracle happening right before my eye’s as we can’t get through a cartoon or kids movie without copious amounts of chatter, wandering attention and straying off to play!

I was so amazed that I had to snap a picture, capturing this epic moment. Adalie discovering the greatest gift of all.

As it goes through the entire gospel, about 3/4 through and with a trepidation for what she instinctively suspected, she turns to me for the first time and asks… “Did Jesus die?”. 

She came over and crawled up on my lap, waiting for my answer… My heart flinched at the question that I would have to give an answer for to this small child.

I began to explain about what happened to us with Adam & Eve, how it brought badness into all of us, the world and effected our relationship with God, Our Father….why Jesus came to us, what He did for us and how He took our bad from us when He died BUT the story wasn’t over even though the enemy thought it was…How He rose again, where He went and that He’s making a place for us to be with him forever.  It was difficult to try covering so much and in a way that a 6yr old could grasp.

Just then, Ezra called over asking about the presents under the tree and who they belonged to.  I told him I didn’t know, but not to worry, he would have some there too.  Then I asked him if he was going to give presents.  He said yes. 

Then Adalie threw her arms around me in a hug and proclaimed, “I’m going to give God to people!”, “Mimi, we have to tell the whole world!”
And then I cried.

I pray this holiday season, amid the hustle and bustle that you find a place of pause to reflect and embrace with gratitude & Joy, the receipt of Our Greatest Gift Of All….and share it everywhere!

Always with Love – Laura 💗



    • They truly are! It was a gentle, loving reminder of the beauty and simplicity of faith, the image of what our faith should be like…”unless you become like children…”, oh to return to that awe, unfettered joy that makes you want to shout it from the rooftops, share it with everyone! “Restore unto me the joy of my salvation…” And how that “out of the mouths of babies comes perfected praise”. Oh how I want to be that child again.


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