My Life In Mud Boots: A Bird In The Hand

I can’t imagine many people have ever  held a hummingbird in the palm of their hand but this day, I did.

I was heading out to feed the horses their midday meal. As I stepped out of the door, I noticed a hummingbird had found it’s way inside the Florida room. Although the sliding glass door was open, it fluttered wildly about the ceiling . I thought that if I got a broom, raised it and slowly moved toward the tiny bird, that I could guide its way out.

Before I could even raise the broom, it had managed to fly between the blinds and the window. I gently moved the blinds to find it laying helpless on the ground. Tenderly, I tucked it’s  small wings back to its body and carefully attempted to pick it up. With a startling amount of energy, it burst to life and flew directly to the opposite sliding glass door, again trapping itself between blinds and glass.

I moved the blinds just a enough to reach through and slide the door open to set the creature free but instead it simply laid there, sprawled, beak open and panting madly. Once again I tucked the tiny wings back to its body and lifted it softly into the palm of my hand. I stepped through the door and set it gently  on the patio table, grateful it was shaded there.

I must’ve been saying a silent prayer all along, a prayer to help me help this little thing but I was especially fearful as it would not fly and I’m certasin I’d never seen one still before. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to do except to pray.  These things eat constantly, perhaps it needs nurishment, I thought! ( I know right? I laugh at myself!) So I broke off a branch of Jasmine, laid it next to the hummingbird and wondered what else I could do so I poured a bit of my sugary drink near it as well  (Lol) , said another prayer and went to feed the horses.

When I returned it was still there but seemed much calmer, beak closed and no longer panting. Finally, it began to move, seeming to enjoy the jasmine then simply shot away. I thanked God then for His mercy and loving kindness extended to even the smallest of his creatures.

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    • Thank you so much, Cheryl! It was such a rare, once in a lifetime moment that even today, the memory feels magical.
      I’m a huge animal lover as well and animals of all kinds, domestic and wild, seem to be fond of me as well. My family & friends call me Cinderella. Lol

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