The month of July turned our home on the lake into an all out madhouse!  You may recall, if you read my blog, that early July brought with it a week long gathering of family that consisted of 11 guests plus Clay and I, making 13 bodies plus 2 great danes, a mini schnauzer and one of our sons 2 labs!


Everyone left on a Sunday afternoon but within days, we were picking up 2 of our great nephews for a mid week visit bleeding into the arrival of our niece and her family.

Again, all leaving on Sunday afternoon prior to the arrival of one of our sons, daughter in law and 3 granddaughters on the following Thursday.   I Know what you’re thinking. “whoa!”  To which I’d  respond, ” I know, right?”  It was definately a non-stop circus of company followed by brief frantic scrambling to get ready for the next group.

So, did August bring with it the much needed reprieve from exhaustion, the quiet calm of refreshment and renewal?  No. Not at all.  Our son & daughter in Law, having a long business trip ahead of them, has left 2 of our granddaughters with us for the next 14 days! One is an energetic 8 yr old who needs constant entertainment and the other is a 2 yr old that needs constant supervision.


Baby Raven: ” No Cows! No kissy my face!”

I’m finding they have a lot more energy than we do and I’m considering a designated family naptime.  PawPaw and I need it more than they do! I’m also suspecting there’s a reason why we have children when we are young.

Will this be a trial?  Sure. We are older now and they can outrun us but is it impossible?  Certainly not!  Lord, I’ve been doing this my whole life beginning at 7 yrs old with 2 little brothers and a mom who had to work night shifts and sleep during the day.  I knew how to make bottles, burp, change diapers old school style, cloth with diaper pins and plastic pants. What’s a paper diaper with tape tabs to me?

I gave birth to my son at 19 and with the wide age range (our oldest 37 and youngest 22) between our 5 children, I became a grandmother while still having kids in school! Caring for children has been a constant throughout my life. I’ve got this…I’ve got this,…I’ve got this…convincing myself. 😊



  1. Haha! How incredibly nice of you all to say yes to the 14 day babysitting. Indeed, you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll be ok!
    And the circus is a long year round affair in my home! They’re a blessing but are always trying to think of the next best thing to do. 😊

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